Subaru 2.5L Timing Belt Tips 7

Subaru 2.5L Timing Belt Tips 7

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This was on a 2002 Subaru Forester 2.5L but tips are applicable to all timing belts.

A couple last checks. Make sure idler/tensioner bolts are tight. Make sure the washer is installed behind the tensioner if it is supposed to have one.



@91gtsaul11 says:

I sent my heads off to the machine shop and when they came back the timing mark on the driver side won’t line up I try to turn it and when I get close to where it’s supposed to be it spines it’s self past it

@markpeterson9775 says:

To loosen the crank bolt use the engine. I had a hell of a time getting the belt on

@TacticalBaconPatches says:

Almost learned that lesson the hard way on a 3UZFE. Dropped a bolt for the Idler pulley bracket in the socket swimming pool, went magnet fishing and came up with that washer. Had to take it all back apart. Didn't make the same mistake on the next one!

@gamzmasta1 says:

Does Subaru still say you don't need to replace the tensioner?

@smokeyandtheboxer231 says:

Why wouldn’t that washer be there? How would it fall off if it’s bolted to the block?

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