Porsche 911 Carrera 997.2 Lock Mechanism Replacement Battery Disconnect Door Panel Removal

Porsche 911 Carrera 997.2 Lock Mechanism Replacement Battery Disconnect Door Panel Removal

Step by step to fix a micro switch that doesn’t keep the window down when you open the door. Also a general removal of the door panel and lock mechanism on a 997. I also show how to disconnect a battery on a 997. The video is long as I tried to be as thorough as possible.

Part number for the driver’s side lock mechanism. 3D1-837-015-C-M100
GENUINE PORSCHE 3D1-837-015-C Door Lock Mechanism

***If you are doing the driver side door at 26:39 there is a white stick that come from the lock on the outside door handle that must be reinserted into the white plastic slot on the new lock mechanism otherwise your door key will not work. It is flexible and can be inserted before you bolt the lock mechanism down. The passenger side door does not have that.**



victor martins says:

I damaged the spline bolts M6 by trying to loosen them with T30 torx, £20 to remove one bolt ,still cheaper than Porsche.mine is 987 cayman same lock and problem different door trim,all done now other door next week ,new lock cost £20 on ebay same as vw golf 08,thanks Omar

Robbin Johnson says:

Just buttoned up the car after following your excellent video that allowed me to save a few $$s by DIY'ing the fix. My 997.1 is slightly different (the clip that attaches to the bolt coming from the door handle is different), but all the rest of your instructions were spot on. Thanks!

lbrastaman says:

Thank you. This video actually guided me through the process on my 2007 Carrera. I Saved hundreds over having the stealership do it.

George Harris says:

I just did the pivot lever on the drivers side. Super easy. Now I have to do the latch on the passenger side because that micro switch broke. Wouldn’t it just be easier to unbolt the outer door handle and then remove the latch and outer handle together And then reverse that procedure when reinstalling? That’s my question. Thx

Dennis Varnum says:

Thanks. I am doing this tonight. I think I unscrewed way to much stuff though. Will finish up tomorrow.

dutchsubdriver says:

I have the same problem. Thanks for the video!

Christos Adam says:

Thumbs up from me but I think this video needs to be edited / shortened to be precise – especially the section where you are trying to remove the cover next to the door handle, I could feel my beard growing…
Also many times the camera was pointing away from your hands and we couldn't see what you were doing.

Left Hand Start says:

Omar…thanks dude. I wanted to remove door panel to deal with a loose sounding jiggly window…. after watching up to 22.00, I assured myself i need to pay a dude 90.00 an hour to deal with my deal….. Thanks again.

Wong Eddy says:

thanks a lot

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