How to replace Porsche 911 or Boxster water pump

How to replace Porsche 911 or Boxster water pump

How to replace the water/coolant pump in your 986 / 987 Porsche Boxster. Read below for parts and links. The same method applies to the 996 / 997 Porsche 911 models, but with the engine facing the rear of the car.
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Porsche Part Numbers:
Pump: 996.106.011.56
Gasket: 996.106.340.54
Porsche 986 996 GENUINE Water Pump + Gasket (OEM):
Gates 42579 Water Pump:
URO Parts 996 106 011 54 New Water Pump:
Porsche 986 996 Carrera Water Pump Gasket Seal (OEM):
Victor Reinz Water Pump Gasket:
Gates 33950 Thermostat:
OTC 4525 Cable-Type Flexible Hose Clamp Pliers:



Enzo Campagnolo says:

How about with the engine in the car?

Supercars of Philadelphia says:

is this identical/similar on 987 m97? Coolant running low on my 08 987.1S with 40k, about to bang out my 40k major maintenance anyway.

Cuthbert Richardson says:

When you installed the gates pump with the plastic gasket in the video did you use any sealant? Thanks man, great video

Shift Gears says:

Hey man can I use prestone long life coolant that have phosphate free and silicone free

David Needham says:

Thanks man…very helpful!

Tim Peebles says:

Tim Peebles2 days ago & UPDATED
i ordered from Amazon Monday for Wed (today)…today they notified me it has not shipped..don't know when it'll ship and it still shows "in stock" on their site AND THEY WON'T SHIP FROM OTHER VENDORS SHOWING THE SAME PUMP… so what good is going thru amazon?… YOUR video was excellent help though…interestingly my pump has a larger pulley that covers one of the pump bolts!…how about that on? (i got the old one off but hope new one comes with smaller pulley..) sat 6 days later, amazon show over 30 pumps stock but cannot determine when they'll ship one…and this after tons and tons of communication with them….NOT IMPRESSED!

Domo AutoBeky says:

great video, we are car shop based in Prague, CZ and trying to learn more about Porsches (now specialized in bimmers) and this is very helpful! just 1 question – are the parts u listed the same on a facelifted Cayman from 2009+?

Lewis Paul says:

Would it be possible to post a video on thermostat replacement?

Lewis Paul says:

I own a 2001 Boxster. I just watched your video, I think that my water pump is failing.  In you're video, you did not mention replacing the thermostat, is that necessary?

Eric Cyprian says:

Love this.. So easy to follow the 16 minute tutorial. Thank you!!!

Sno Asis says:

Also, how long does it take to do a 996 water pump replacement for a DIY guy?? I'm pretty handy and have done brake jobs and other minor auto repairs.

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