TUTORIAL: Mitsubishi Starter Replacement DIY

TUTORIAL: Mitsubishi Starter Replacement DIY

Vehicle used is a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse.
This job should work for most Mitsubishi vehicles with the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine.




vani lualua says:

Can someone help me how to get to my starter motor 2008 ML triton . Can't afford the mechanic this time decide to change myself, any tip much appreciate fellas !

6DRO6OPY6 tx says:

Am I the only one that like the 4g69 more than the 420a

J. Wolff Neto says:

Tenho uma Mitsubishi Outlander v6 3.0 2008 e está com problema no automatico. Só que aqui no Brasil essa manutenção é uma fortuna

Tien Trinh says:

Do you think I can hit it from the bottom so I can get home? In middle of the road right now in Tustin

Michael Wilson says:

Slow cranking is not actually starter motor , it is usually other things like , earth cable , battery connections rusted , the battery itself may not be the right one or fails under a load test , and even faulty Relays can cause a slow cranking

Moto Gary says:

Can you please show me where you got it so cheap?

Robert Lopez says:

Thank you so much for this! Gonna replace mine soon and this really helped!

Brian Tayler says:

Gidday, this is very difficult compared to six cylinder Mitsubishi motors. I would remove the starter motor from my 3 litre engine from the bottom in about 5 minutes.

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