Broken Skeg Repair How to repair what's been broken Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, fix them all.

Broken Skeg Repair How to repair what's been broken Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, fix them all.

In this video I show you how to repair your broken skeg. It’s bad when they get broken but if you learn how to fix them then it’s not so devistating when it happens. Follow along and what how I fix this one.
Follow the links below to the items I used to do this repair:
Dewalt 4 ½” cordless angle grinder

Dewalt 4 ½” corded angle grinder

DEWALT DWAFV84540H FLEXVOLT T29 40G Flap Disc, 4-1/2″ x 5/8″-11

Dewalt cut off disc

Dremel kit

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Files 1/8″ Shank, Double Cut Ball

Mag Torch

.Map Gas

Aluminum Rod Self Flux welding rod

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Randy Miller says:

I have watched you solder aluminum and I thought no way I bought this Same product and tried it out I re-ordered more I can’t believe how good this stuff works it’s amazing thanks for the video keep up the good work

Tim Tucker says:

Difficult to keep up two channels.

RI Outboards says:

wait is it me or did your motor collection swell over the last few months? outboards will do that to ya'… welcome to the pit:)

Николай Антонов says:

Hello, I subscribed to your channel, I learned a lot of useful information on old Johnson motors, in Russia many people love Johnson / Evinrude

Ken Tyler says:

Sorry but I am still looking for the tarp brackets that you make. I have been to your 3D site looking as well. I see you showing the brackets in your shop and on the big Starcraft. My boats coming out of storage soon, I need a way to cover it up when it’s in my back yard.

K6 Outdoors says:

That unit flying across the shop makes me laugh every time!!

Ken Tyler says:

Where do I go to see the parts you sell to build a cover for a small boat. Interested for my 14’.

justin mazzola says:

Can we see the 20 hp Johnson from precious videos on the water?

Montney says:

you need to grind it and clean it for a better bond

Montney says:

what would happen if you didn't put it back on

Bill Co-9 says:

I used a old link to buy a Kizen LaserPro LP300 Infrared Thermometer. I did quite a bit of research and found it to be alot better than quite a few more costly ones. Thanks for showing us yours.

Bill Co-9 says:

lol, loved how you"found" a lower unit with a broke skeg.
KodiBass had a video fixing a skeg. He used 1/2 of a Hydrofoil and screwed it on.

Badger bob says:

very nice job sir,. hope you enjoy the nice weather. it wont last LOL

peter yeung says:

I would imagine the heat is going to melt or damage the seals?

Tim's Workshop TJY says:

good thing it was a Skeg and not a Keg you hit. haha Good Demo on how to use the Alumiweld sticks. I bought some at HF and needs to be up around 700 degrees. I tried my old propane torch but wasn't hot enough to fill a bolt hole. It kinda worked but the bottom of the hole had voids. Going to take your advice and use your link to get a bottle of Map Gas and the auto torch. It's on my video list to tryout fixing a bolt hole and retap. I think this will work. Thanks Mike for all your videos

Doug R says:

Skeg turned out nice. I’ve use a spool gun at. The fleet shop, but I don’t own one. Thanks for pointing out how the aluminum rod should start to feel. Ive seen Kodibass repair a skeg with a composite section of an outboard air foil. That one came out nice too.

Robert Boyd says:

I've used quite a bit of those rods on boats. The problem I've run into is if it's thick aluminum and it takes a while to heat up, it heats up a large area of the boat which gives much more contraction and cause the stuff to crack right in the center. Works better on the thin stuff you can heat quickly. This applies to large surface area of aluminum plate with say, a crack in it you are trying to cover over.

Michael H says:

Thought he was going to saw it off…*swings hammer violently and sends the gear case flying across the room* … oh ok that works too

richard cranium says:

i have a 9.9 4 stroke tohatsu. the intermediate housing is also the oil sump. it has a hairline crack that will leak a drop a day. just enough i dont want DEP ticketing me. $500.00 for a housing if they can find one. i think i'll try this.

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