I found this recon dart on the new map lotus (riot fix this)

I found this recon dart on the new map lotus (riot fix this)

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I found this recon dart on the new map lotus (riot fix this)

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aerostar13 says:

No offense, but Jonas, get a life, please. How the hell did you even find such a glitch of a spot.

Dark cloak Faze says:

How many charges

MoonSeGoon says:


Tahira Choudhry says:

I found a brim lineup for b on lotus

erik starovsky says:

Why tf this guy looks like Elijath from vampire diaries xD

The Corbin says:

I hate this map

o z e n says:

When he talks in the beginning of the vid he kinda sounds and looks like master oogway

My Mysic says:

“Ohohoho”: boutta clap some noobs with this baby

мⲇʑɨηᓍ says:

I heard him say "I think that works riot?"

Tuboly András says:

90% of valorant players:
didnt played on the new map
average jonas and how to noodle:
makes it removed because they faond 10 trillion glich line up and pixelspot 😀

Hamura says:

U actually just ruin the game bruh, no one likes line ups

EagleScout 2019 says:

Is regular PBE players who can’t play lotus in custom: 0_0

N99dels says:

Jonas: Hello riot

Stares into our souls

Forever Gaming says:

How tf do u find that????

Illusion Fox says:

Bro used a scan on every pixel yo find this lineup

Johnny Airplane says:

When does lotus come out? Just give it to us riot

school files says:

i swear jonas spends his free time looking for specific pixels to make the ultimate lineups

• b x n n i e♡ • says:

I mean no surprises you're the best lineup Larry lol

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