How to diagnose a mystery coolant leak in a Chev/GM truck

How to diagnose a mystery coolant leak in a Chev/GM truck

This is a short demonstration showing how I made the diagnosis and completed a repair of an occult coolant leak in a 2000 Chev Suburban. I pressurized the system and found the leak by carefully searching for the source of coolant loss. Pressure testing is a convenient way to find small leaks where no evident coolant loss is visible on general inspection.

Cooling system repairs can be dangerous, because superheated liquids under pressure will instantly boil and expand when pressure is relieved, causing explosion and severe burns that can be life threatening. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to accept the risk of DIY repair is your responsibility.



roger w says:

Hi I'm Roger the Farmer from Grantsburg Wisconsin ! I just found this in my feeds and have a 2000 Tahoe that I picked up from a kid who had it for about a month and smoked a Deer with it . It took the Grill ,lights , condenser, Radiator, coolers , fan , the whole front all most . I got it from him for 400.00 Buck's ! Bucks ! Lol Any way got all the parts for about 300.Bucks put all together and has been on the road about 6 month s and I started to drop COOLANT . I do have dash issues with the lights blinking on and off and Service 4wd light on all the time . And one I can't figure out .
When I turn on the key it's always in 4hi . I have to push it to Auto 4wd then to 2hi with the transmission in neutral and push the button s a couple of times and then it will go to 2hi and the indicator light goes out and it's in 2hi . As soon as I turn the key off it defaults back to 4hi and I have to do it all over again every time the key is TURNED off ? Help I don't get it. I'm a Allis Chalmers Tractor guy not a GM Tech support guy ! Lol . I'm going to check out my hoses about the coolant and see if that's the case I have or they said it might be a cracked head too . I hope not. Thanks I hope you get this email

Andrew Getchell says:

I will check this out on my 5.3!

Chuck says:

I'm having the same issue with my LQ4 (2003 H2 Hummer). It's leaking from the same general area. Thank you for taking the time to put this video together. I will take a peak at mine and hopefully I have the same issue. Cheers!


This was a great video and very helpful

sonn Sn. says:

pretty awesome. And yes Throttle body is not even mention in the diagnostic. it's always the intake manifold.

Many Mendez says:

Mine leaking alot i press gas hard while park started leaking lots if i fill radiators tank pass half level fall like rain.

Roberto Leeva says:

Dude you rock !! I wish some of my teachers were as good as you.

Abdurrahman Abulaynain says:

I hope you tell me from where err i can get the compression tool you used. Or any reliable one

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