How to INSTALL LED bed rail lighting on your truck – DIY – DODGE RAM

How to INSTALL LED bed rail lighting on your truck – DIY – DODGE RAM

In this video we review how to install LED bed lighting on your truck! This is a step by step do it yourself video for those that want to tackle it on their own and shows what is involved.

With some patience and some simple planning you can wire and rig up your truck to have led lights in the bed fairly easy and turn on like stock from the remote or from the factory switch on the dashboard.

Here are the lights used in this video:

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Hard road says:

man that look's bad ass bro nice job on the install to. love the videos man you are really knowledgeable about all the upgrades you have have done on your truck. nice and clean factory look to if you were to have that done at a shop you would have paid out of the ass for the labor plus you have the peace of mind that it was done right. ordering the same led's for my truck and doing the install this weekend . thanks again

Pedro Chavez says:

Looks great I’m definitely doing that in mine too! You should install the Deezee tailgate assist

Jesse G says:

Awesome upgrades John! Your truck prob looks like a landing strip when pilots look down at night lol

Jack Azulay says:

Looks really good my man!

f_stop_fit says:

Great video. Looking forward to seeing which cover you get. I just picked up a ram night edition red. Getting a roll up of some kind.

harleyrub says:

If you haven’t gotten a bed cover yet, check out Pace Edwards, supper low profile, very happy with mine.

Bill Antalek jr says:

Great Vid!!!

Tophertoy3 says:

Well, you sold me these lights for sure. Awesome mod. Great video.

Joseph Lynn says:

i need to know more about how you have a sweet personal warehouse haha

Emory Lanier says:

How bout some upgrade of the sound sys?

Willy’s DIY says:

They look great! To bad I don’t have to do this to my Rebel because it comes with LED’s in the bed already but I would totally do this.


Sorry bro cant get pic to upload

T0mmyGun654 says:

Thanks for the great video. Like the beds lights. Now I need to do it myself.

Ben Deco says:

Those LED LIGHT strips can you cut them shorter or does that screw them up? Good detailed install.

SteelCityJJ says:

Where'd you get the Mopar instructions? I want to wait til I get bed cover. Been eyeing the Gator retractable cover.

John Mcdougald says:

Did you poke through the parking brake grommet do you have the wire running through the same hole as the brake cable? A can foresee an issue with wire chafing and a short unless you were able to also get the wire loom through the hole also.
Aside from that, good install video. I plan on doing something similar to my 08 MegaCab

Johnbrum26 says:

Nice, i have the factory ones that are near the tailgate. Wonder if i could tap those in for extra light

David Rosales says:

awesome! Definitely doing it on my truck

Jason kingsley says:

Looks good John!


John did you get the number i left you?

Nova Man says:

That doesn't look like a supercharger?

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