Chrysler Town & Country – Rear A/C Evaporator – Replacement

Chrysler Town & Country – Rear A/C Evaporator – Replacement

In this video come along as I replace the rear air conditioning evaporator in this 2011 Chrysler Town and Country. This should be similar to the late model Dodge Grand Caravans too.

How Car AC Systems Work and How to Diagnose AC System Issues For Beginners BY: Ratchets And Wrenches –

How a Car AC System Works – For Beginners BY: Ratchets And Wrenches –

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rarpen says:

Really appreciate your videos. One of the best guys going this on You tube. Thanks for all your help you make my job alot easier with videos like this. Where can I send some $ to help you continue

Jesse Sward says:

Thank you, just did this job after finishing the front one. This might be the best how to video I’ve seen

123withrow says:

I meant d post my bad

Samson Flix says:

Awesome video! I was working through my 2016 Grand Caravan A/C problems, Checking the mechanical functions of modules/actuators under dash then looking for the rear ones which this video shows their locations. Unbelievable, it appears the whole casing has to be removed if you have a bad rear module and/or actuator? Disconnecting the evaporator coil & unit from the "O" rings & lines releasing refrigerate etc!? Just to replace a bad actuator or module!? Or do you have a solution w/o junking the dodge caravan?

Just-Fix-in Garage says:

I have to do this job on my moms van. sigh I already did the door actuator. I am tired of plastic clips and hours of labor for a cheap part.

Samson Flix says:

I love your videos! I've got a 2016 Dodge Caravan that blows hot air in back when A/C is activated. Cold air out dash vents, hot air out of vents in the back. Did the back & forth thing at the panel, even tried resetting, nogo! I'd appreciate your advice & ask for your assistance, thank you.

Smoked Robot Pâté says:

Guess you could say, that episode really BLOWED. 😉

Craig Sowers says:

@35:31 … seems like a missed opportunity for you Eric … a chance to use your Brake Cleaner, Compressed Air and ADD some spray undercoating, contact cement and a rubber flap or even "spray foam insulation" (easy to cut out if it has to be replaced later) over the area that gets corroded being where the tire slings the mud/salt ??? Of course, then you won't get to replace them every 3 years … but your "Customers" would sure appreciate it !!! Just a thought.

Enzo Dunn says:

I have a 2013 with 170k on the odometer. My ac still works fine. Is there anything I can do to prevent this problem from occurring?

AC says:

I didn't see if he put the O-rings back in and I think he forgot to plug the flashlight connector back in. It's a big uncomfortable job. Thanks for the video.

Rickey Morgan says:

Where did you buy the evaporator core at ?

michelediane miller says:

done the heater core in the wj yet???

lord sparkle says:

Really good video! Might be doing this myself. How would you recommend I pull the refrigerant out?

Ryan Ranocchini says:

I've been thinking of installing and filling the tire well area with insulating spray foam to keep the junk out. Any thoughts?

AA 7 says:

If I only open the front AC & never open the rear AC will it still leak?

Keith Studley says:

Hi. I love your videos. I have a 2012 Grand Caravan, which is the same thing as the Town & Country. I have 2 heater & A/C Controls, Front and Rear. Is there 2 heater cores? I suspect I have a leak from one of them, but am unable to find it, which is why I'm asking.

Вячеслав Брик says:


DTWMTX 2011 says:

Time magmt…. 110%

RC Wagon says:

ROFL at your safety glasses to drop the seat step by step. Thank you, that was a great laugh you gave me!

Bruce A says:

9:02 Everything but kitchen sink …. haha

Shane Harrison says:

Never got into all that ac stuff until I got a dump truck that had it and the shop always kept up on their maintainance

hikmat alhamadane says:

hi … sorry … where can i found a master filter of A/C
because i want to replace it but i cannot found it .. my car ( dodge grand caravan 2010 )
i know its down gloves but i do not found it … please

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