Acura low beam headlight Replacement(Without removing bumper, just lift your hood)

Acura low beam headlight Replacement(Without removing bumper, just lift your hood)

Acura Tsx 2005-2008. Easy and fast!



Donnell Wright says:

the passenger side is the problem.

hinwang chan says:

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for this video! I have replaced last night but the burnt out low beam headlight was on the left for me and it is more difficult to do since there is not much room on the left.

Herakles says:

i having so hard time latching the ignitor on the bulb its drivers side 2007

Steven Vlogss says:

What is the bulb called ?

Eric Slimp says:

Where's the cheapest place to buy these low beam bulbs ??they fucken expensive at the auto parts store

Damon Pacheco says:

Good video! Thanks for the help! Really detailed, only problem is fitting your hand in that little hole lol

WifiRelaxStation says:

Man! I knew it had to be an easier way than taking the whole number off. Nice video man.

Justin Williamson says:

Hey, do you have a link to these bulbs ? I got a 2007 tsx and my driver side just went out.! Thanks!

Whatitdoo Lilnigga says:

Thank u sir for actually showing

Ruben Sousa says:

Good video!!!

Jay Chowdree says:

How to disconnect the battery explain

Mahtab Ahmed says:

Did you disconnect the battery first? Or is it safe to do it without removing battery?

Jackson Rivera says:

how did you guys take the little bull off?

Brian B says:

Thanks for the video, gave me something to work with. My wires were short so both sides were hell to remove. Looked at it with flashlight then had to do it by feel only. Accessed rght side thru wheel well, left side via wheel well and removing battery area just to get any level of access.

Karan S says:

Great job buddy

Scott H Smith says:

Ryan, Thanks! The only problem is You Do Not want to touch the bulb with skin (fingers, arm, hand, etc) The oil from your skin will transfer and reduce your bulb life as these are high temp halogen type bulbs. Same goes for home lighting

mario mora says:

How can I adjust the low beams

Jonathan Williams says:

With this work for a 2009-2014?

Jojo deguzman says:

You didn’t show us how it looks after installation, how bright it is?

CrispyOR says:

4:054:14, HAHAHA.

Jeff Keryk says:

I just wanted to thank you for your video and instructions. I got it apart and then got stuck. Putting the "bungee" clip into the bulb slot did the trick. Again, thanks. The other problem I had was the bulb was very tight and hard to remove. The new bulb was really hard to twist in.

mawelsh says:

Had to watch how to attach the bungee clip like 5 times. Hard to do almost blind. Managed to replace the passenger side lamp tonight. Thank you!

Matthew Johnson says:

How to u get the little screw off man

Shuichi Morishita says:

Every one says u gotta take bumper off but not necessary, my mechanic friend did it with ease

Mike Elliott says:

I tried to do the passenger side and it was a pain, trying to removed paneling, etc, (that is saw on other vids.)
Watched your video and it helped explain a lot. Thanks man! Much appreciated.

Yun A says:

Thanks for this. I dont know anything about cars but my 2007 tsx driver side low beam just shut down. This will help me a lot. Thank you.

Jeezus 12 says:

I don’t understand why everyone don’t do it this way. It’s a lot more simple and less of a hassle

Shailene Segura says:

Where am I able to buy the light bulbs? What kind are they? I have a 2005 tsx . I went to a mechanic and they tried to convince me I had to replace my entire headlight lol. But my high-beams work just fine .

Jason Pike says:

Ur the goat

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