Restoring a 1974 VW Super Beetle | Replacing Heater Channels Part 1

Restoring a 1974 VW Super Beetle | Replacing Heater Channels Part 1

Join us on an exciting journey of automotive restoration as my dad and I tackle the challenges of repairing a 1974 VW Super Beetle. In this video, we initially set out to replace the heater channels, but along the way, we discover that the firewall is also in dire need of replacement. Despite the unexpected setback, we embrace the opportunity to switch gears and prioritize replacing the firewall before the heater channels. Through the ups and downs of this challenging task, we share laughs, memories, and a deepening bond as father and son. Watch as we navigate the complexities of classic car restoration with determination, teamwork, and a sprinkle of joy. As always Huge thanks to my dad for all the help .

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@doubleodude says:

I would bolt the heater channels and fire wall to the pan and sit the body on it,

@Tat2TankT says:

I think you need a whole in the spare tire holder that’s how you get the shifter rode in it is in mine but mine is a 67 you might want to check an see if yours has to have it too just looking out killer you get to build with your pops I’d keep the car cause yall built it love the channel you’re doing killer inspiring me but I’m scared to start pans in mine lol

@stephenewing6370 says:

You may have already found out, but there's pieces that go inside the front firewall that bolts down to your floor pan that you need to have before you weld your firewall in

@GT.Bugger says:

Typical beetle shit. They're all like this, patched in the same places, rotten in the same places. These were daily cheap cars that people cobled together to keep on the road, much like anything worthless these days.

@stephenewing6370 says:

I have a 74 super beetle also that I've done the same thing that you're doing now by myself

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