Porsche 911 Air Oil Separator Replacement

Porsche 911 Air Oil Separator Replacement

After discovering oil in the Plenum and in the vacuum line leading into the Plenum the problem was determined to be a faulty air oil separator. This video will show you how to replace it once the Plenum has been removed.

Special thanks to Above and Beyond Performance in West Palm Beach Fl




Casey Jones says:

If you find oil in your intake tract it does not mean your AOS is failing or going to fail. This is normal. A failed or failing AOS will blow smoke out of the exhaust (after initial engine start)

Michael Heuvelsland says:

How long did this job took you? Six hours? Didn't look that long though. Keep up the good work. I am saving for a 996, your videos help me giving me confidence to work on my own car.

Jeff1035 says:

Really nice video!! I have learned that I have some small amounts of coolant in my oil, after having it analyzed. I am having a second analysis done to be sure about the findings. However, I saw a few posts on Rennlist indicating that the AOS could also be a culprit of coolant in the oil. Your thoughts?
Thanks again for a great great video! Jeff

Danny Hammoud says:

is this similar to 997? i have a 2009 Porsche c2s

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