442 Floor Pan Replace

442 Floor Pan Replace

A liltle rust repair



John Kaufmann says:

Wow that's well done!

craig baker says:

Thought I would send you this ad for a 75 console, in Chicago. Im always looking for parts and I saw it. From a former Geis Mechanic. Say hi to Paul. Lol

Flintstone Media Blasting HotRods-FMB says:

Good work guys

Jim Kish says:

Lots of hours hidden in this clip. Way to go guys! One of those things 'the more we do it the better we get'.

1armedguy says:

Good stuff guys, can you imagine the sound coming from that bolt being loose and the other missing the nut altogether hell it would sound like an old tank coming down the street lol just kidding that's the reason for a complete check on crap like that. Cheers !

Toyota Ron says:

Nice work! Did you use 0.023 or 0.030 wire in your MIG?

J J says:

That is almost the exact way I do that

Chad Ellsworth says:

Very nice just had my floor done a few months ago!

Louis Leon says:

Great job on the floor pan

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