Removing a driver’s side rear door handle for those of you who want to replace the handle or any of its assemblies. This video can also supplement window motors and other installs. Thanks for watching!




Thank you brother!

Thomas Doan says:

Great job and very detailed instructions how to remove and install the door handle back. Keep up the good work my friend!

Josh Delamater says:

FANTASTIC video!! This just saved me hundreds of dollars and wasted time at the dealership. I have to replace both rear handles and was super nervous about doing this job myself, worried I would break a crucial part but you explained this so well I was able to easily fix them myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Marco Chavanne says:

Kids pulling down on the rear handles instead of outward, absolutely annihilate them. Big oversight by engineers IMO

Andrew Green says:

This is AWESOME !!!
Can not wait to fix both of mine handles which my kids happily ripped off year ago
Thank you so much!!!

juan carlos riveros says:

Excellent video step by step 30m job tk Bob.

Lex Castillo says:

I freaking love you, dude… May God always bless you.

Dirt Every Weekend says:

Bwahahahaha I love the outfit! I had to get my wife and show her this intro we are both pissing our pants laughing. As usual Great videos!!

Stu Duncan says:

Dude, I want you to know how much you and your channel are appreciated! The quality of instruction along with the positive attitude is just awesome! Thank you!

freezerlunik says:

Thank you for another great video! Does the chrome inlay on the handle look like it's removeable without taking off the entire handle? Someone has dinged up that piece *only*, i'm assuming from being clumsy while wearing a ring or something like that.

phuong huynh says:

Hi Bob. Thank you for your video. It is very useful to help me to replace the two door handles on the rear doors driver and passenger side. I installed them last Saturday and they worked great. I will be replacing the front door handles on the driver side and the passenger side as well. Currently waiting for the parts to arrive.

I am wondering if the same procedure need to be done to do that. Do I need to take off the door panel to replace the door handles on the front door ? I watched a video clip on youtube that someone to do this on his gx470 front doors. He did not have to take of the door panel in order to replace the door handles on the front doors. So I am expecting that would be the same as for gx460. Am I correct ? My is a premium 2012 gx460.

Thanks much for all of your videos. They are really useful.

Rick Weber says:

Bob, is there a mod out there for the rear passenger doors to unlock with the keyless remote? Tia.

Gastón says:

Hi man, I just wanna say thank you! as of today your video has helped me a ton! Cheers

Rick H says:

Great video. I just ordered all the parts for the rear door handle keyless entry addition from the ClubLexus forums. This video helps a lot with prepping. Have you thought about this mod? Any insight on fishing wires through the weather boot from the doors into the door sill well?

Willet Upayaso says:

Hey Bob, I don't know what I did wrong now my door don't open I need help

Dimitriy G says:

Does anyone know if it’s the same process to remove the door handles for a 2010-2012 LS460??

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