I Bought a Broken Range Rover to Fix and Sell with NO RESERVE

I Bought a Broken Range Rover to Fix and Sell with NO RESERVE


Welcome to our new series, where we are going to follow Nick Roshon, friend of Cars & Bids and Doug DeMuro, on an exciting car rebuild journey. Nick has purchased a bright yellow 2002 Land Rover Range Rover P38 Borrego Edition, a vehicle he has always wanted. Follow along as he repairs this British off-roader back to its former glory.

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00:00 Introduction
00:07 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:09 Nick’s New Range Rover
02:30 Exterior Imperfections
04:57 The Interior “Surprisingly the Strong Point.”
05:40 The Trunk
06:14 Mechanically Speaking…
07:56 Under The Hood
08:54 First Drive! (Does it Make it Out of the Driveway?)
13:31 Trying to Start It The Next Day

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@NickRoshon says:

P38 ownership: NO RAGRETS, not even a single letter.

@Rouxenator says:

A starter car? This car is a finisher car! A transporter of gods! The golden god!

@FordSony13 says:

Hmmm, I’m not sure if I see anything beyond $10k here.

@MatthewRodriguez-w8n says:

Its wild that people are scared of a live axle box on wheels with a pushrod V8 designed in the 50’s…

@edwardestrella3872 says:

Love your video Nick, that's a nice Range Rover, hope you can get it all sorted out, I'm sure it's going to be a fun vehicle for you and your family, but most of all, you can still turn around and still make some cash once you've fixed those minor details…you rock Nick, please upload more videos, you got a cool sense of humor, God bless!!!

@wolfgangezeh5021 says:

Doug, I like this format.

@805NAVE says:

Haha your wife should order the custom plate for you as a gift “PEE 38”

@805NAVE says:

Nick! It’s closest competitor was the LX470! Not ML55 ! Haha

@mattr8904 says:


@Jagggggg88 says:

Had a 2001 for 3 years, 2.5 diesel auto, dead slow but what a great cruiser

@bobkus says:

So fun to see what David Schwimmer is up to nowadays!

@MunworthCrowell says:

i live on the cape and remember seeing this car around a ton last year, always made my day. so glad to hear that you'll be giving it the TLC it deserves

@dougf94912 says:

If it ever had air suspension, it looks like it now has springs. You’ve dodged a bullet there, the airbags, the compressor that fed them and the sensors that were supposed to keep things on the level were all common points of failure.

@williamrogers8299 says:

I recently picked up a p36 too and doing a light restoration on it, glad to see other's are getting into the" redhead step child" of FFRR's. Funny enough I have noticed the looks. Even more people looking at it than my 996 with factory aero and muffler bypass. The p38 seems to be rare anymore and people love the classic boxy look. Excited to see what the rest of this series holds. Also what the mechanic said about the sunroof fault, I have the same error but it works fine?

@KozmoCars says:


@MTbone7 says:

Flip flops… I knew it

@jessegardiner1814 says:

"It feels like luxury" *squeak squeak*

@jblac201 says:

This series is the start of something great! I watch Hoovie's Garage, and while nothing will replace Hoovie, this series is a great tie-in to that type of content. You should be able to drag heaps of views with this series and direct it to Cars and Bids. Also documenting the entire repair process for this car, it will likely increase buyer confidence once it does go up for sale.

@QuintusAntonious says:

Love this kind of content!

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