Replica | Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Homemade.

Replica | Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Homemade.

Welcome to my channel, for various reasons the previous Lamborghini Terzo Millennio project videos could not continue. I’m so sorry.
The next videos will be about this new project.
Happy New Year.



Mr. Z says:

Homemade RV Car :



REPLICA | Make Lamborghini Reventon From Scrap :

MERV says:

İs that Bugatti also replica?

Andres Gonzalez says:

Cual es el canal de ellos? Sería bueno si dejan el link

Jay Montana says:

How can i see the final product of this project? And do you sell it?

El Nico Fdz says:

Why do you mecer finish the projects?

Ramesh Mesare says:

इस वर्क शॉप का पता दिजिये

Jesse Herring says:

It looks terrible as a replica but looks cool as a zombie apocalypse super car

DELTA SECURITY Asesorias y Servicios says:

Hello, I am interested in buying one of your vehicles, would you give me the information to contact you, thank you

Ivan Rodriguez Arencibia says:

Son la bomba q crack

Nike garmers Star plus says:

Lambogin raid

Rajab Rajab says:

How to download this template

Aban Mechti says:

Aban here from ladbiblegroup… We love your content! Do you have an Instagram account we can contact you on? 🙂

baru AdaAdaAja Chanel says:

do you have contac person? help me, because Im stupid for car made

SAMoto Vlog says:

Another unfinished video I unsubscribed

Xiao Tian Liu says:

did no one notice the chiron behind it? or is that a replica too?

Ascension Saez Ruiz says:

Está bien también quiero ver cómo lo haces

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