Jaguar X Type – Radiator Removal & Replacement

Jaguar X Type – Radiator Removal & Replacement

In this second film of two I remove and replace the water radiator on my 2001 Jaguar X Type 2.5 V6 Petrol Manual. I also show how to put the bumper back on that I took off in the first film.



kevin duffy says:

I have just done my 2006 X type .
A few tips ,
Cable tie the air con condenser to the bonnet lock , Before you undo the transmission cooler ( there could be a cable tie on the n/s so have a look ) , cut it off if there is .
Tip 2 The top radiator hose can be left on the radiator . Disconnect it from the plastic T piece The thin hose can be pulled of with the clip on You can take the hose off when it is out !. Put it back on with the clip at 3 o clock looking at the front of the car m Or facing the drivers side that way you can get at it if you need to do it again !.
Disconnect the fans and lift them out of the clips . The fans should come out with the radiator , With a bit of jiggling , The radiator is fucked any way , That you are taking out .
Rest of it is just the reverse .
In Australia
we don't have the corrosion problem with bolts as you do in the UK and US ETC ,
i recommend changing the hoses and thermostat as well ( top and bottom )

terx1 says:

Big thanks to you sir from across the pond. 2005 X-Type 3.0 Sport

Son Dao says:

Thanks for a video it really helpful I’m gonna replace my next week ❤️

Keyboard Krazy says:

Oh by the way the ORANGE coolant is the CORRECT ONE TO USE please do not use blue – they are coloured for identification! I was going to put blue in mine when it started leaking but my Jaguar garage shouted NOOOOO DONT you will ruin the cooling system! Thanks for the video!

Charlie Evans says:

I'm sure you've been asked this before but where do you place the axle stands when jacking up the jag?

Robin Wigley says:

Love vids hope my 03 by dont need one

Luis Mejia says:

I’m a mechanic and I say x tipe has the most poor engineering ever

Simon Pickering says:

Swan neck or water pump pliers are just the tool to compress those strong clips that hold the top hose on,i shall replace it with a real jubilee clip up the right way (facing up)and use my 3ft long bendy (last 4 inches) jubilee socket size so its nice and tight, you will never do that with a screwdriver without the slot chewing up, its 7mm and 500 long made for doing bottom hoses.. ,,

Psy Cholor says:

my new radiator came with an oring but I am not sure where it should go, I did not see any oring while taking the old radiator from the car. any comment on this? thanks

Johnny G says:

where did you buy radiator we bought one at autozone and where the bottom hose connects it keeps leaking the fluid and we bought new hose and still leaks we changed out 2 new radiators and still leaks ?

James Leary says:

My 2002 Jaguar Xtype front bumper was damaged and removed.The radiator perhaps was damaged and was removed by a local jackleg mechanic.All parts are retained .Should I proceed to replace radiator at a Jaguar repair shop here in Hollywood,CA? I am asking for advice for financial reasons.The car will run with radiator.

Pat Hamer says:

X pat hellos from california. So, I was lucky, my bumber was bolted in, not welded. I made the mistake of using a 1/2 drive socket on the first nut, and it rounded, well not quite, thought I had enough. I put liquid wrench on them and got them off with a proper impact wrench and heavy duty socket, I'd recommend anyone to not do it less you have those. I had to chisel off the nut, and it's still stuck on their but got the bolt out. Did it the old navy way. Everything was rusted at sea. lol

hydromis chrysogaster says:

Thanks for a great really helpful video, it certainly helped me, I would make two suggestions that may make it a bit easier and I think that point about the bumper is right too (I did remove mine though)
1) You had a big problem removing the hose clip from the top hose. You can remove the clip and break the hose at the tee piece that is the Thermostat housing and also the overflow pipe can be split at a connector by the battery and then both pipes fitted to the new radiator whilst it is off the car.
2) Remove the Fans and housing with the radiator but remember to unplug the two connectors first .

M a t t Mills says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to make a great and informative video… Thankfully my Jag is identical to yours!
Mine sprung a vicious leak that took ages to identify where it was coming from… So thankfully your video mentioned the drain plug… and that was the cause of the leak.

Basheer Barzenji says:

Thanks for your videos they're very helpful, how do you bleed the radiator, I cant get all the air out from the system, thanks.

Springstone Lee says:

I really appreciate your video. It is very helpful to fix my car without spending a lot of money. Thanks.

Garry G says:

took one of them of my mates jag today, a right pain in the arse all the bolts were rusted in solid, it needed replacing it was rusted so bad it split in two, he ordered one from jaguar dealer £108 plus vat 🙁

Michael says:

Im a little stuck, from the reservoir there is a 3 way plastic hose connector. Do you know the name of the part?

james finnegan says:

I really do find your xtype videos a massive help. Cheers bud

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