Jaguar X Type or Ford Mondeo tdci Auxiliary Belt Tensioner

Jaguar X Type or Ford Mondeo tdci Auxiliary Belt Tensioner

In this video I’ll show you how to replace Auxilliary Belt, Tensioner and Pulleys on Jaguar X Type or Ford Mondeo 2.2 Diesel

This is a in depth step by step totorial where i tried to show everithing as raw as posible.

Hope this video help you out, if you have any questions or suggetions please leave the in the comment box down below.

Auxiliary Belt Tensioner Tool:

Crankshaft Pulley, Tensioner, Belt:

KS Tools Socket Set:

193pc Sockets Set (not KS quality):

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This video:

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fishlegs100 says:

Got this to do on my Mondeo your excellent video best explains how to do it thank you

Phillip Kimpton says:

I've just had to change my belt too. 2.2 Diesel. Getting the belt back on is done easily by getting it into place on all pulleys which have the grooves first. Then, whilst pulling the flat bar to slacken the tensioner, the belt can be slipped easily onto the last top smooth pully without straining the belt at all. Good to know for next time. Thanks for the video.

Iqbal Hakimi says:

Thank you very much . Your video really helps me

Max Attack says:

put the car in gear and wedge the brakes down with a block of wood and pull the seat forward… Then you can much more easily break loose the crank pulley bolts
Your way works really well too!

Applemad says:

Really good video, thanks for doing these as I'm not only new to my x-type but also quite a newbie mechanic even though I'm 51! Your videos have really helped me get around the car, my next job is to change the alternator pulley and replace it with an INA 535022310 freewheel clutch pulley as I've read many times in various forums that this not only takes a lot of stress off all of the other auxiliary belt parts making them last longer but has a massive benefit in reducing the rumbling sound you get from the diesel engine and the vibration from the tensioner, this video has given me the confidence to drop out the alternator and get the job done. for anyone else interested there is another video showing how a freewheel clutch pulley improves how the aux belt runs here

Jesus Gonzalez says:

Fkn hate this jaguar set up your pully tension is different from a 2006 jaguar x type

fix or repair daily ford st/oc midlands says:

did also this job wul say did , attempted,, you can release belt with just the sealy tool slide hand under drivers side engine mount yul find another pully slide off easy ,, my issue was my allen key was too long an had no grinder at hand grrr so i couldnt remove the tensioner pully ,, again another day

christopher Buckley says:

Hi thanks for your Video. Helped me. Did a few things differently. Lined belt up all round system bottom pulley. Left one bolt Inn turned the pulley till other 2 bolt holes where in sight. Only took one pin out of Alternator pushed Alternator to one side. The only thing I've noticed tensioner. Has like a vibration. I'm guessing this is Correct On your Video I couldn't see what I was looking for once you started it. Everything thing was tight Double checked. It's working fine. Massive Thumbs up.

christopher Buckley says:

Hi is they timing Marks? Or just remove and replace?

Benedict White says:

Many thanks, impressive job. My tensioner broke, the bung at the bottom slipped out, so I put it back in with a washer to stop that happening again. From your video it looks like you only took the alternator off to get the tensioner bits removed and replaced but you replaced the belt with everything in place, just forced the belt around the crankshaft pulley at the end by turning it. Was the belt in place on all the idlers?

Also, could you give me the measurements between the pins on your special tool as well as their diameter and length?

kristaly daniel says:

Mersi .super treabã

Jerome Davies says:

Great video. Just did the job on my 2.2 X type and this was a big help. I managed to get the top pulley out without undoing the engine mount- it took a little wiggling but eventually I got it out from underneath.

Brett Wardle says:

Did the same job on my 2l mk3 mondeo today. Your video was a massive help. Thanks.


Hi, in the minute 17:54 of your video, what's the size of the curved tool you used to loosen the tensioner?

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