How to Replace Downstream O2 Sensor on a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

How to Replace Downstream O2 Sensor on a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

Parts Used:
O2 sensor

OEM O2 Sensor socket

Disclaimer: I’m not a mechanic! Proceed with working on your vehicle at your own risk.

With that said, i work on computers for a living. If i can do it, chances are you can too!

I couldnt find any articles/videos out there for changing the downstream O2 sensor on my 2007 Hyundai santa Fe. Error code was P0420.

Overall, it took me 2 hours total. The first hour was just making sure which part i was replacing and establishing a plan of action. The second hour was going to autozone and getting the socket set, removing and replacing the O2 sensor. I hope this video helps you decide whether or not you want to try this repair or take it to a mechanic.



Tony Norris says:

Does the 3.7 V6 have 4 or these since it has two catalytic converters?

mahmoud Alagori says:

I need help i have hyundai veracruz oxygen sensor is not good Chek engine on

AM says:

Great video; thanks!

Lonnie Beal says:

Along with not showing how to get it out, you needed anti-seize on the threads of the new one.

Monty Daniels says:

@CJ Rich. CJ, what's the purpose of the cat further down the exhaust. There's no censor connected to it and since they welded all over the studs, I doubt I can cut the stud off then drill out the remainder in order to put new bolts on to it. I have to replace the front exhaust section and hate to have to end up replacing everything back to the muffler. I thought about bypassing that 3rd cat since there's one on each manifold. I have a 2006 Tucson which is about the same as the Santa Fe..

Wolf 12303 says:

Two questions…Did you solve your 420 code or did the light come back on? Did you reset the check engine light with a scanner or did it turn off by itself after doing the repair.

Amber Wheeler says:

Hello I have an 07 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.7 L engine V6 I got the code p2ao3 is this the correct video that would help me

Mohd Raw says:

Thanks for not showing us how to crack the sensor loose! Genius

Hao Lu says:

It's a good video to know how to replace a oxygen sensor on your vehicle by your self. I just done my car from the dealer they charge me $364.79 for parts and labor plus diagnosis fee $130.00.

Itsyaboy JC says:

Bro good job…

Tiffany Brown says:

I have a 2009, my mechanic says it has 4 O2 sensors. 2 upstream and 2 downstream. Is this true for the 2007?

Drymango says:

But… is he a mechanic?

Tristan Tabs says:

great job man…very helpful. My mechanic keeps telling me the Bank 1 S2 is upstream of the catalytic…but your part is downstream…so he is wrong

Dollarbill777 Dollarbill777 says:

Ty. Nice going.

Reynold Valdez says:

Thanks brother u helped me alot.

Jaime Becerra says:

Have the same issue on my 2007 Santa Fe 2.7. Engine light on. P0420 code. Catalyst System Efficiency below Threshold. ( bank 1) I am going to try what you did and see what happens. Mechanic suggest to replace the catalytic converter and a 1000 + dl bill. Thanks for your post!

Christpher Iodice says:

Thanks for those small hints great video

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