2006 Hummer H3 Reduced Power Mode Troubleshooting (TAC/ETC Faults)

2006 Hummer H3 Reduced Power Mode Troubleshooting (TAC/ETC Faults)

This video covers detailed testing of an electronic throttle body (drive by wire) system that is running in a “reduced power mode” or default strategy.

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Lew Chin says:

at 20 minutes. At least its not a Ford 🙂

Cody’s Auto Diagnostics says:

Great video Paul! This is such a great video showing the power of a cheap test light and loading the circuit. Goes to show you Don’t always need the expensive tools to diagnose a vehicle. Key point is loaded circuit testing here! Great demonstration of voltage drop.

Great work!!

Mike Eustice says:

Wow for once a factory flow chart was right when it said use a test light on the fuse. But due to them instructing us wrong for 90% of the time , it's hard to justify following them. Cant say I would of done things differently nice video showing a diffrent technique to get to the answer

Franco Perez says:

Wow man love that video learn alot and the importance of using a test light.. God bless you…

Baxrok2 says:

That's exactly right, there is a definite shortage of "diagnosticians" in the field. Compounding the problem is that finding them takes a lot of work, time, and money! Not only that but it gets kinda weird when you go to a shop and ask the owner if he has ever used a PicoScope – and he just looks at you like you're from outer space! lol Thanks Danner family!

Sean Murphy says:

Absolute gold again! Easily the most in depth content online. I was talking with a friend yesterday and we agreed that the fact the videos show the whole process, even the learning curves makes you the absolute king of diag! Testing things more than once in different ways to prove the point is key! Thanks Paul. I'm signing upto premium!

Jo Hn says:

Two looking mean guys with no tattoos? They must be intelligent human beings

RussianSokol - Daily Gaming Videos says:

He probably didn't even needed combination switch it was probably that relay went bad, and after R&R they still didn't work so he started swapping relays lol

Bill Rimmer says:

Could u bidirectionally turn on those o2 heaters? Then u could c the lo/no voltage. We learned a lot by u not catching it right away

Gene Mean says:

If a frog had wings………….

Garrett Stevensen says:

Crazy. A shop like you have, here in San Jose CA, would cost $10k+ rent per month, MINIMUM.

Davy Arthurs says:

Good skills. Don’t be hard on yourself not fixing it within 5 seconds as we learnt a lot along the way in the process and then how to do it quickly afterwards! So all was not lost. A great lesson for the owner too and of course a little one for you too in the best way around to look at a fuse box and diagram! This video sure made me smile at the end and I haven’t done that for a good few days. Oh and sorry final point got to give credit to Caleb too with the quality of the finished product

Ben Tews says:

32 min in… I feel like its a chicken and egg scenario. I think they were chasing bad running, and parts replaced tb. Mfs was a wiper issue

fixit man says:

Great point about finding a trustworthy shop like Danners. My son lives in Ohio had a reduced power code and repair shop wanted to change crank sensor and starter, plugs, and fuel system clean. $900. Since I have been premium subscriber and Paul is such a great teacher I had confidence to troubleshoot myself . Ended up being a wiring harness chaff at throttle body. Cost me under $1 to fix. Thanks Paul for being a great teacher. Calab great job editing!

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