Honda Dealership Needs To Do The Right Thing!

Honda Dealership Needs To Do The Right Thing!


@Tellmemore983 says:

Did you say the dealership said she needed to reseal her oil pump? I have the same car

@Mr.Ratchet says:

That's why they call them the"Stealership". A dealership that causes an issue should fix the issue and not leave the customer hanging.

@Drewdayz2419 says:

95% of all dealerships will screw over the customer

@mikeyncali says:

I will tell ya the dealership for me was actually honest ya they may have added a couple hundred bucks but they saved me thousands I will use them for now on

@jadadsr.8351 says:

The car was old and they didn't want to work on the vehicle

@jadadsr.8351 says:

Where you live bro? I coming to America and need a job

@firstlast--- says:

Mistakes are okay as long as you make them right. They should have put another engine in it, boneyard engines have a warranty for a reason

@killswitchthegamer696 says:

hopefully mine is not gone bc others feel it is idk yet

@DH-rt3fk says:

Just so everyone knows, my buddy has worked for several dealerships as a service advisor and this is common. Deny mistakes to the point of litigation. They also create additional higher paying easier repairs that fall under warranty. Saw a video one time of some Honda techs burning an electrical connector to get more work on a vehicle.

@davemarques9601 says:

I hope the dealership makes it right with the customer

@Moe-ks1sy says:

Everyone should leave bad reviews

@eight0eightdvs258 says:

Reminds me of my wife’s Nissan maxima we took it in to the dealership and they said it needed a new engine and transmission. Since the car was under warranty they said they replaced the transmission but because of negligence they couldn’t cover the engine so wanted us to pay out of pocket. The Nissan dealership had the car for 4months and when they said they couldn’t cover the engine I had enough and took it to the mechanic down the street which I wish I did sooner. The Nissan dealership was crooks because the mechanic I took it to said and showed me that the car still had the original transmission and the only thing wrong with the car was spark plugs and coil packs, which he replaced and my wife’s car was on the road the next day. Now I only take my vehicles to Tomas who was god sent.

@gsxellence says:

Where is the Shop kitty?

@shekharmoona544 says:

Call them out.

@brianw.520 says:

The dealership cracked the block??? Dang that is insane. Good you are an honest mechanic, a rarity in this world unfortunately.

@edwardautrey3671 says:

Why are the dealers above the law ?

@TrapperAaron says:

The dealership really should have torn down that junkyard motor grabbed the best parts from both motors and rebuilt it from the ground up. But that's allot of work that no manager would ever pay a tech to do when u could swap 3 motors in the time it takes to do the job right. They should have bought a crate short block and swapped over the old heads and accessories.

@theundergroundlairofthesqu9261 says:

Great zot! American Honda HQ needs to hear about this!
Also, torque wrench, people. The ones so convinced they don't need them, need them.

@roscosnyder3584 says:

If it has white smoke, its burning coolant. If its burning oil the smoke will have a blue hue.

@taipan8021 says:

Dealership is going to ask for Kidney, Lungs and Liver, damn near Everytime, "If", the believe that they can get away with it

@doodletechnologies3189 says:

And yet, they don't want us to have the right to repair. When they don't know how to repair the vehicles themselves.

@robertgreen4050 says:

This is more wide spread than most people realize so many people taken advantage of

@The_R-n-I_Guy says:

Stealership put in a used engine? Yeah, the only reason they would do that is because they had to pay for it. Otherwise they wouldn't ever touch a used engine. They would demand a new one if the customer or Honda was paying. Trying to pull a fast one on an unsuspecting customer. Glad you're here to put pressure on them to make it right

@3Stkz says:

This guy is VERY PROFESSIONAL yall really think he would just take the customer's word…. NOT

@malikdey-nativemoor2923 says:

Thank You Doc!! We love y'all

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