How to fix GM dimmer switch

How to fix GM dimmer switch

A very handy power inverter to keep in your truck!
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How I fixed my interior dimmer switch on my GMC Sierra.



Ej Lilley says:

Enjoyed it, would be helpful to do a quick (how to remove the switch from the dash). I found that on another video.

Richard Ponto says:

Great fix, worked perfectly
Thanks for the video

Patrick Beech says:

Yup, my module had melted some of the plastic we're the light is supposed to be. Still looking like it works. Other than that, the cleaning the bullcrap off the contact areas did the job just fine. Also did put some die electric grease on wherever there's an electric connection.

spelunkerd says:

Well done, thanks for the effort.

Jonathan Carter says:

Incase anyone’s wondering where the little gold disk goes, take out the button for the interior light on off switch and you’ll see on the side of it is what looks like a little track for that disk to ride in. Stick the disk on anywhere in the track and then slide the button back in. Hope this helps!

bestcramden says:

thank you so much….my 2005 Tahoe had the same exact problem and following your video I fixed it….the switch on my 2005 Tahoe was identical…..the dealer was willing to sell me the switch at discount for $75.00 but I had to install it…..I salute you sir for sharing your knowledge.

John Bowerman says:

Worked for Mine as well. but one thing I also noticed was the brushes needed to be rebent so they would make good contact again. thanks for the Video and inspiration just to tear it apart!

Jose Landeros says:

Thank you I'm having the same problem I took my apart but there is a little piece that I don't know where it goes is color gold circle

Chuckychopstik says:

Now I have an itch to fix my switch.

Redentor Dela Cruz says:

Thank you so much. I will try to clean my dimmer switch today, see what happened. Like you said the switch is only $25 on ebay, If my backlights on my 2002 Suburban still inop.

Ramona Teagarden says:

Big thanks, didn't know how easy it is to do. It worked great on my 2007 Sierra. Now I need to buy some dielectric grease and open up the module again and coat the boards lightly to make the boards last even longer?

Mike Jones says:

I took this apart while I was on the shitter. Great video thanks

Juan Guajardo says:

Where does the little gold circle go? It fell when I opened it & idk where it goes now

JDauen KE0MJE says:

Great video! I have a 2005 buick lesabre custom and the dimmer switch is out I believe, there's no low beams only high… Does anyone know how to bypass this and jump the wire, because just the part alone is $450 and with 4 vehicles I don't want to dump that much cash into it… Thanks appreciate it!

Nick F says:

Are there any bulbs to light up the dimmer switch indicators? I have one on top and bottom not lit up. My headlight switch has 4 indicators and fog light indicator plus switch itself is lit up. Thanks

YU-GI-OH Con Cajones says:

I touched my cig lighter and shorted something… now the dash light turn indicators stay lot up solid,…but if I wiggle this switch it goes a way for a second… think this will fix it? _1990 Buick century

Chuck Claunch says:

Very cool! I've done the same with my window/door lock control box in my 2006 Silverado.

Jo Smyth says:

Yep, had the black grease on my contact board too. Also the little bulb with the blue cover had seemingly melted part of the plastic clear lighting channel. This worked. Be careful that the round brass-looking disk with a point on top and bottom on the shaft for the cabin lights on/off button …when door is open…. doesn't fall out. It has grease on it, but it's not glued. Heard something rattling after re-assembly…it was that thing. Great video, saved $40.

Jim Dolson says:

Nice video, just what I was hoping I would find ! Thanks for doing the video. !!! I have the same issue

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