How To Replace Brakes And Rotors 07-16 Buick Enclave (Front and Rear)

How To Replace Brakes And Rotors 07-16 Buick Enclave (Front and Rear)

This model is a 2011 Buick Enclave CXL. Customer stated “Pulse in the brake pedal” common problem with bad rotors, customer wanted all rotors replaced, and new pads. This is a video showing how to do that.

Tools I used:

Kobalt 1/2 Inch Impact Gun
Kobalt 1/2 Inch Breaker Bar
Surebilt C-Clamp
Kobalt 3/4 Inch Ratchet
Kobalt 1/2 Drive Ratchet
Kobalt 3″ 1/2 Drive Extention
Kobalt 13mm 3/4 Drive Socket
Kobalt 14mm 3/4 Drive Socket
Kobalt 21mm 1/2 Drive Socket
Kobalt 22mm 1/2 Drive Socket
Kobalt Needle Nose Pliers
Screw Driver
Pittsburgh T-30 Torx bit



CrownMeQueen says:

Where did you jack the car for the rear rotor repair?

Andrew Z says:

Awesome job dude.

TheOutwiththeold says:

It's a wear indicator it's not a slide pin.

And everyone should use your parking brake it may save your life someday.

J P says:

I wanted to see how you pulled the Back Rotor off.

Bill McDavid says:

Awesome video, thank you for your help.

Joseph Barr says:

This was a pretty good demo/explanation in that you showed what was underneath the rotor. I just pulled my driver's side rear rotor off (took everything I had plus half a can of PB Blaster), and wasn't totally sure what I was looking at. I've seen brake shoes (drum brakes) before, but maybe I just forgot that was how they do the parking brake as well.

And yeah, as luck would have it, the material is worn and loose on the rear portion of that shoe. Question: if I decide to leave it as is, is that parking brake shoe going to give me any trouble as far as noise or grinding/rubbing?

Like you, I don't actually use it, so don't care if it's less effective than it should be. But this is what my wife drives, so if it feels "off" in any way, I'll be back in the garage fixing the damn thing again.

Tim Vandenbrink says:

Well done. Thank you!

goodfela420 says:

Think you wanna start in the back if your bleeding them

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