2010 GMC Buick Enclave Spark Plugs Replacement

2010 GMC Buick Enclave Spark Plugs Replacement

2010 GMC Buick Enclave Spark Plugs Replacement 3.6.

How To replace or change the spark plugs on a 2010 GMC Buick Enclave



sheenaaa. rae says:

Hey I replaced my spark plugs on my 2010 Buick enclave and now its showing 2 misfires and it wasnt showing no misfire before I replaced them. What should I do?

mrnapolean1 says:

All mine where solid black. Whoever the original ower of the 09 Traverse I have (Same motor) never changed the plugs. Car has 138K on it.

Harry Demetro says:

What size hose?

Dahl WILLIAMS says:

Thanx! Nicely done from start to finish.

Anthony Czernek says:

Says he not a pro but is using snap on and matco tools, great video

Gerardo Perez says:

When you put the new spark plus you recommend change the gasket to


Is this the same for 2013 Buick Enclave?

Mark N says:

Your 5/8 speak plug socket should have a rubber boot inside it to hold it to come up. If not go buy a new one $5

RickRam says:

thanks im going to attempt this july 11 2020 2009 buick enclave very doable great information

Leo Reviews says:

Thank you so much I followed your video and it came out perfect

Fred Hand says:

how long did it take and how many miles were on the truck

cna32001 says:

Fantastic video! Great job

Cynthia Ramos says:

What size rubber hose fits around the spark plug for screwing in? Does it matter how tight I screw them in? I don't have the strength of a man.

Web says:

This is better than the other video.

julian salcedo says:

Comprate un socket para bujias q sea magnetico y asi no pasa nada

NumberOneWithACoke says:

Thank you Daniel for spark plug video. You are saving a lot of people a lot of money. Hope all is going good. Have a great day!

Est lhm says:

Great video great information!

dave miller says:

Great job. Thank You Will do same on 2011

E A says:

where is cylinder number 1?

Geo Powless says:

There’s no need to remove throttle body

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