BMW E46 DIY Tail Light & Turn Signal Light Upgrades!

BMW E46 DIY Tail Light & Turn Signal Light Upgrades!

LED Tail Lights:
Clear Turn Signal Bezels:
Clear Side Markers:

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Redski Zedski says:

They look really cool, are those lenses plastic or glass?

x x says:

Thank you for helping me

Ciga Morman says:

Thanks for tutorial bought new ones for my e46 going to replace soon.

Andrew Cory says:

I’m out 200$ bucks

Edwin says:

I have a 2003 330i and they told me there wasn't a recall for mine. So I'm stuck with the original ground. Any advice?

Luke P says:

Wonderful tutorial. I love the detail and attention you put into each video. Keep it up 50s Kid.

OG7HC says:

Ik I am late to the show but man I love ur channel ur really helping me with my 328i e46 it’s my first car but anyways if u see this keep the good work up

János Szabó says:

🙂 Szerintem csúnya…

ScienceBitch says:

For anyone still doing stuff to an e46, do NOT buy those tail lights. The black bezel on them makes it look like cheap aftermarket garbage. Get ones with no bezel like they are OEM. Also don't ever waste your time polishing e46 headlights. The lens comes off and it's like 50 bucks to get new ones, done in 30 min.

Steven Harp says:

Thanks for mentioning BMW will do the ground upgrade for free. This is the only video I've seen so far mentioning that. All the other DIY video's viewed have the car owner buying electrical parts and doing it themselves. I say let BMW Service pay for and solve their own problem when convenient. Thanks.

Ablivty says:

Hey I know I’m really late but today I was trying to change my tail lights to those but unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to work without having the extra ground cable connected as well is there any solutions that you may have?

Darrell Williams says:

Thanks, Your video helped me with my 2001 M3!

Roman Rendon says:

just put them in and now the lights are not working

Heavy Gamer says:

Hey. I would like to change my tail lights on my E46 facelift Touring to a LED light. I found a Led tail light on facebook marketplace for about 20 euros. One of them is cracked a littlebit on the left side. I have a perfect tail light lampshade, can i change it? Can i remove the cracked led tail light lampshade or you cant make it like on the headlight? Because there you can take apart easily.

abdullah hakkı cilbiroglu says:

Thank u Man

Well okay yes says:

My e46 tail lights requires the extra ground that bmw recalled. I’m trying to figure out how to connect the ground wire on the new tail lights.

Leonardo Cerezo says:

Does the bmw dealer still have recall in effect

Jeff Smith says:

Nice video, I just stopped by to get a quick reference on taking them out, I decided to get the spyder lights to match my head lights. The front lights are a pain to do.

LightBulb says:

How have they held up?

SheLovesYayo says:

Helped so Much Thanks my g


Installing such a shitty chinese rear lights is a FUCKING VILLAGE TUNING !!! Shame on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny R says:

Those aren't led's by the way. They would've hyper flashed. They're just a bunch of small bulbs.

Danny R says:

When china pukes all over a bimmer.

one piece says:

Hi sir..after install aftermarket tail light, your tail light cover won't fit right?

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