Simple how-to: Replace engine air filter, VW Golf (1.4 TSI)

Simple how-to: Replace engine air filter, VW Golf (1.4 TSI)

Easy DIY how to: Clean or change the engine air filter on your VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda) car with 1.4 TSI engine. The car featured is a VW Golf Mk6.

You will need:
* Medium size Phillips head screwdriver
* Suggested: vacuum cleaner & rag
* If replacing – replacement air filter, recommended: paper element from reputable OEM supplier (avoid oiled types), the VAG part # is 3C0129620 or 1F0129620. Try Amazon links:
US: | UK:

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Craig's DIY Car says:

Amazon links to relevant products (from the description):
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QuiffyPiffy says:

Hi Craig, recently subbed as your videos are very clear to understand. I also have a Golf MK6 TSI 1.4, I found when putting the bracket back on it didn't line up with the screw hole very well. Did you encounter this also as your replacement looks alot easier than mine lol

Hello_:D says:

I was thinking about buying a tsi and was wondering how does it feel for power?

Chuck Ashton says:

Nice video. A good way to check how clean or dirty the air filter is, shine a light on the inside. This will show you how dirty or clean the filter is. That's a tip from my dear old Dad.

Bravevanguard says:

Hi, How many filters does this car have? ( I only know the cylinder one you has showed in the video and pollen filter( aka cabin filter) .
My aircon stinks. Do you know why? Thanks so much.

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