How to replace rear brake drum and brake pads VW LUPO TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace rear brake drum and brake pads VW LUPO TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace / change / install / replacement rear brake drum and brake pads on VW LUPO TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Top brands that produce brake drum and brake pads: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE.

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00:47 — Use a phillips screwdriver
01:08 — Using a punch and a hammer remove the wheel bearing cap.
01:23 — Use a socket №30
05:55 — Treat the brake shoe seats with a copper grease.

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BosnianHD says:

Hey AutoDoc,
My brake drums are basically rusted to the hub and backplate, what would you recommended? Heat it up? And some degreaser ?

Kristoffer Bø Andersen says:

Is this applicable for the electric version? E-up 2014

Peach Glow Reyah says:

that was shit

Paul Anderson says:

Is it possible to do a rear 5 stud conversion on a mk3 gl-4cyl

Jim Lynch says:

What is in the orange tube that he applied? Anti-seize?


Hello I have a EPC/TRACTION light problem with my VW polo 9n when I apply brakes the lights come on screen and the car goes to limpo I change the control module but the problem persists? Any help.

Marc Bovenkamp says:

Good overview video. Thank you. Would be nice to know torque specs on the 30mm nut, and a closer shot of what is in the spray can and squeeze tube.

Robert Hargrave says:

In theory to ajust the brakes you press the brake pedal in the car and the spring that's on the wedge pulls it down and takes up the slack but they never work I've had to get someone to press the brake pedal and look through one of the wheel stud holes find the wedge and pull it down using a small spike till the brake is locked on then ajust the wedge so you can turn the drum you will hear the lining binding on the drum another thing the mechanic didn't do was check the wheel cylinder to see if there was any leaks or it was free to move didn't use brake cleaner to clean the back plate only wire brushed it I also noticed he didn't torque the 30 mm nut that holds the hub on only used the impact gun on the whole a good video lots of information

Damian Brown says:

Could this resolve a mot fail for service brake efficiency?

Handy Andy says:

This brake shoe set and fitting sequence is the same for the Skoda Citigo. That is what I searched Youtube for so perhaps Autodoc could add Skoda Citigo to the title?

discodd94 says:

stupid video didn't finish off the hand brake cable adjustment>dd

Corey says:

Will this be the same for a polo 9n?

RyMuEntertainment says:

Good stuff! Does this cover US model Jetta 2.5 ? Thanks

Steve Hillier says:

Does the centre nut on the hub bearing need to be torqued

AR Ronaldo says:

Did the mechanic forget to adjust the brakes?

ابو يقين says:

مرحبا .يجب ان استخدم المنظفات لازلت الكاربون والزيوت العالقة اثناء تبديل قطع الغيار القديمة بالجديدة

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