Airlift Install DIY – VW Golf TDI – 2009-2014

Airlift Install DIY – VW Golf TDI – 2009-2014

An overview of how to install an Airlift 1000 Towing Air Spring Kit.

-Kit Part Number: 80753

-TTY Lower Control Arm Bolts:



Alex K says:

Are you using an artificial hip as a pointing stick?

KevanRay says:

PSA: Always torque down suspension arm components under full weight of the vehicle to avoid extra bind in the bushings. You can do this several ways but the most common is simply jacking the arm up off the jackstands slightly so the arm is taking the full weight of the vehicle. Then tighten to torque spec.

Jan Vahalec says:

Great video, you inspired me to do same with my car. After almost 2 years of your using Aiirlift, can you please share your experiences? How car behaves with airlift? It is more stable with caravan in comparison with stock? Does it make some strange noises while driving? Can you see any wear? Thank you very much!

Tim D Stevens says:

I called they have never heard of this part number 80753, either this is a fake package or there was another company

Horacio Sanchez says:

Great job and video !! Thanks a lot ! What is the bottle that you have at the end of the video? fuel additive?

Tim D Stevens says:

So I am watching this video and I m=noticed you say the kit is 80753, after looking this one up it says it for the front spring in another vehicle…

Aziz HACHIMI says:

PS: have you noticed a big difference when hauling or towing…while driving….how thw car behaves? Thanks a bunch!

Aziz HACHIMI says:

Hi there! Great job! I have the same car and want to install the Air Lift for the same purpose….My question is: how do you inflate and measure the exact amount of air needed? Any informations would help me in the installation! Thanks in advance!

Jeffrey Ricciardi says:

Why the hip replacement lol

Jody Nelson says:

What tow bar are you using?

91rss says:

Great video, One thing, At the 8 min mark you can see the hose comes close to an edge, with the arm moving up and down, it could cause the hose to rub and get cut off..

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