How to make and replace Floor Pans in a vehicle

How to make and replace Floor Pans in a vehicle

I weld in a new hand formed floor pan in my 1978 Ford F150 truck.

Rust converter paint:
Auto body hammers(basic entry level):
Auto body hammers(mid level quality):

Fitting and welding in new floor pans.
I guesstimate it took me 20 minutes longer to make this panel vs fitting a flimsy Chinese floor pan. I used 18 gauge steel.

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br4inl3ss_tv says:

its a towing call button. because FORD.

oh wait. its not a 1995+ ford PoS. nevermind.

Pedro Jordan says:

High beam/low beam

Lyle Tripp says:

Make your truck go faster!

Juan Garcia says:

That is for Hi and Low bean lights

DarkFlamage says:

Headlight dimmer switch…Great video. One small item-the volume level on this one is all over the place.

None ya Bidness says:

Dimmer switch , but on even earlier vehicles could have dimmer and stomp starter

fearofchicken says:

High beam/low beam foot switch.

Chris mast says:

great advice, problem fixed,and driving

Chris Sheffield says:

Ain’t nobody from the old days. Lol

Jaine Gutierrez says:

It’s a ejection button for ass wipe passenger

Spartacus4000 says:

You sound like jack black if he took downers and worked in a cubicle.. lol no offense.. just the image ingot in my head when i heard your voice.. good content

Patrick Harrand says:

That turned out well. Thanks for sharing your hard work.

St. Louis Critic says:

Oh whats your ford ? Like to see it . Im on a nut n bolt resto 67 , 136 Chevelle .

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