I’ll be showing you how to replace the rear break shoes on a 2007 Suzuki swift! for all the beginners out there!



@jonathanfriedlander8563 says:

Thanks very much , one trap is not resetting the auto self adjust and you wont be able to fit hubs .quoted cost in ripoff nz $750 to replace rear shoes only , I did it for $48nz plus my time . Cheers !!

@mohummadhashir6842 says:

Bad drum break leathers cause abs light to turn as my swift abs lights on and off some time and obd2 sensor shows error of both rear left right sensor i didn't understand whats an issue can you please suggest me something

@xxs1lentk1ller30 says:

Do i need abs ring for that?

@StephenDawson-ih5mm says:

Thanks for that. As I am showing my daughter how to change the rear breaks on her Swift and this will give her a good starting point.Steve U.K.

@syedabid7689 says:

Could you please also make a video of how to replace Swift Thermostat and Intake Manifold as well ?

@syedabid7689 says:

I would really request and appreciate if you could also make a detailed video on replacement of Suzuki Swift Inlet Manifold and Thermostat…

@Ladosligese says:

jesus that`s a bull way of having to remove the damn thing on a swift :-s .. ty for the video, was about to go out and do it .. thinking it`s like any rear brake .. but noo no .. ty

@AxelDeMarteau says:

Thanks for this helpfull video. I will have to change my Ignis’ brakes next weeked.
Did you just turn the handbrake lever down? Or do also have to loosen up the cable?

@ralphyo6285 says:

What brand brake shoes did you buy for thirty odd bucks please?

@Panos2124 says:

Awesome tutorial, does the handbreak need to be positioned down during the process ? thank you.

@d.behrens1990 says:

Thanks for that video hav to do the change at weekend. The left Brake is stocked, think the pad came loosen and blocked the wheel fully. Will report when done.

@mred5625 says:

Hoping someone can help me – the girlfriend had her Swift in for an MOT and Service recently, the print out after the service said the rear drum brakes weren't inspected.

Should they have been? I'd have assumed a service would need to check the brakes regardless of if they are discs or drums.

@evil_twit says:

For reference: 250 Euro with taxes (19%)

@davidrsteve1394 says:

Thanks grumpy sir, the vid explaination is so clear, and lots of detail into it, for every reason, why every part is there.

@owenst.edward3412 says:

Great explain

@JArtBrunei says:

hello sir..its the sama right for swift 2014?..after you put ever thing back together the drum brake will automicaly self adjust?.

@clivedavies5618 says:

Good clear video, very helpful! Many thanks.

@craigmoggridge2951 says:

Any chance of doing front wheel hub on 2007suzuki swift

@MD-xl3lj says:

Can you please do a tutorial on how to replace a thermostat for suzuki swift 2007? I'm very desperate as the only video I found was in foreign language and sub. Bad quality and not good enough camera angles

@philonetwo says:

Great video

@rensthereapa says:

My piston won't stay in

@las2556 says:

Very good man

@kevinbyrne7400 says:

Well mate that was first class. Ever part of video was so clear an very well explained. The last time I played with brake shoes was in the early 70s..But the only thing missing is how to adjust brake shoes to the drum .There used to be holes with a grommet in you could take out and using a screwdriver adjust them perfectly. How does the shoes self adjust to the drum..

@cdwwillow9671 says:

Yeah did my Alto awhile back . A prick of a job .
Why the fuck they never put disc brakes on the rear of these cars in this day & age is beyond me .

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