Suzuki Forenza Car Stereo Removal and Replacement

Suzuki Forenza Car Stereo Removal and Replacement

Suzuki Car Stereo Removal
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2004 – 2008



Ben Fowler says:

Is there a radio fuse in the back of radio itself?

Futurisma says:

Bro you must look like peter griffin

Greg Stromgren says:

Did this same thing on my 2004 Chevrolet Optra. But I disconnected the cables from the dials and put them back on but the vent dial is all messed up and the temperature dial only blows warm air. I should have disconnected it from behind the glove box. It's winter here and going to get colder.

Nakia Smith says:

Why isn’t this video? Pictures is not helpful

WyattoftheWoods says:

You may not NEED to unhook hvac cables but goodness does it make this easier. Especially when you're installing a radio with an adapter kit.

Death Satans says:

No need to unhook the cable and the glove box. You are funny.

Animesh Sikder says:

How do you remove the cable with ring connector at the end. I am trying to squeeze the center part but the ring just wont come off… Any ideas?

coolman sayan says:

Ewww so during the xl7 they did steel gm parts shame on u

allan diaz says:

Esto podría ser para un chevrolet optra 2006??

kev in says:

You don't hv to take off the glove box and unhook cables. Just pry out the surrounding dash.

Life in China says:

This is the same as a Buick Excelle (China), Daewoo Lacetti (Korea), Holden Viva (Australia) and Vauxhall/Chevrolette Lecetti(UK) All the same car. good video!

Cytoproct says:

Can you please do a video of installation of aftermarket BT,GPS navigation radio on a Suzuki forenza. I have seen many on Chevrolet captiva

Aaron Price says:

How do you expose the underside of the driver side dash?

Diego Martinez says:

necesito saber el código de radio esterio2004 Suzuki forense

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