2017 Subaru Forester safe windshield replacement by Alfredo’s auto glass

2017 Subaru Forester safe windshield replacement by Alfredo’s auto glass

2017 Subaru Forester safe windshield replacement by Alfredo’s auto glass tips on how to set up the WRD spider, also tips on how to save the bottom cowling clips and tip on how to use a socket to use with the WRD spider. 1/4in on 1/4 drive part # 75-624 from Autozone



John Taylor says:

Great video as always. I def love the new angle with someone recording you too lol, I just did a replacement on a Subaru today and your tips for the clips will def come in handy on my next one! I learn a lot from your videos so can't wait for the next one! Also do you just do windshields or do you also do door glass or back glass?

jose estupinan says:

Better to use straight pliers and press on the sides of the split

Anthony Tiedt says:

That’s exactly what I use too. Just curious. Thanks sir. Beta seal is the best glue system out there! Don’t u agree?

Anthony Tiedt says:

What’s ur favorite pre cleaner for the glass? Before you start the primer. Thanks in advance. Anthony

Samer Attallah says:

what kinda of suction cups do you recommend. im a new tech

jigrotam says:

I got my windshield replaced by an inexperienced company and they broke the clips you mentioned in your video. Funny thing is they broke both sides.

Kamijedi says:

I really hate Subaru clips…

bluemonkey227 says:

Top Job mate! Thanks for the tip for those square clips. Little tip from the UK. If you have a cowl (we call it a scuttle) that slides under the glass. Clean the track where it slides under with glass cleaner and a brush. Because grit or dirt can cause micro scratches on the glass as you slide it on. Which can result in a stress crack. This is why Nissan put tape on the bottom of the glass sometimes. Hey hope this helps. Love your work.

George Caragea says:

Alfredo is as "good" as anyone else in LA area. He could have unpluged the mirror in the windshield. Then… he's using an electric tool to cut??? Jesus
… Subaru engineers would go nuts seeing this…

Curtis Ramsey says:

I'm new to this but I watch other videos and you use the spider with string to cut the glass out and I noticed other glass guys use a blade with a handle on it and a string with another hand on it and pulls with both hands to cut the glass out which way is better and why don't you use that method it seems to be quicker

DKStudiosful says:

Wouldnt have my glass sitting out in the sun like that.It will crack when you pick it up. Welcome to Chicago. No time to switch ure tube either.

DKStudiosful says:

You do it to AGRSS standard. None of these companies care. They will tell you what you wanna hear. I could cold knife that out and trim it with no scratches way faster though. Cut that lead from the glass right away.

DKStudiosful says:

good video as usual. replace those clips. one time use only.

ecrvntz11 says:

I just purchased the spider cut out now I see they have a new design. The spider 3 have you tried it. it seems like it a better design but does it work any better?

Xedilian says:

Why do you carry the primer with you around the car?

ecrvntz11 says:

I just purchased WRD spider. I like it but I am having issues with the corners more driver side I cant make the turn without the base moving and sliding. What tips do you have to prevent that, also what size of fiber line are you using.

joephs says:

This video was very helpful. I knew nothing about your profession and am very thankful for your service. I hope others in this field take as much pride as you do and not to mention the quality and detail of your work. I'm about to get my windshield replaced but am regretting not going through Alfredo's. Where exactly are you located for future reference?

JT Windshield Repair says:

great video Alfredo, thank you for sharing .

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