Saturn Ion Recirculate Door (Mode Door) Actuator Replacement (Without removing the dash!)

Saturn Ion Recirculate Door (Mode Door) Actuator Replacement (Without removing the dash!)

In this video I take you though a fast-paced step by step tutorial for replacing the recirculation door or mode door actuator on a 2007 Saturn Ion without removing the dashboard. This should work for all 2002-2007 Saturn Ions and might even help with Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5 recirculate door actuators.

I have alternatively referred to this part as a mode door actuator because it is often listed as a mode door actuator in many auto parts stores. I have even seen it listed as a blend door actuator. On this Saturn Ion both the mode door and the bend door are mechanically actuated. You will know the recirc door actuator has gone bad in your car if you hear a clicking or knocking under the dashboard when you select the recirculate function or the de-fogging function of your A/C system.

This method requires the cutting of a trim support. The trim support is not a load bearing brace and should not affect the dash board’s performance or the vehicle’s safety systems in any way. HOWEVER I must state that this is not the recommended way to replace a recirculation door actuator. I am performing this repair on my own vehicle and at my own risk. Performing this repair as per standard repair manuals requires removing the dashboard. The standard labor rate for this job is 5 hours. That means this repair could cost you upwards of $700!

The tools I use in this video are a 1/4″ flex-head ratchet, 5.5mm socket, 7mm socket, 10mm socket, non-marring trim tools, and an oscillating saw.

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