2003-2006 Saab 9-3 Bluetooth Install!

2003-2006 Saab 9-3 Bluetooth Install!

Purchase a Bluetooth 4.0 Module from SaabPlus here: https://saabplus.com/product/saab-9-3-bluetooth-module-spbt01/#tab-id-1
**instructions included with purchase

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Felix Morris says:

Can this be done on all Saab MY03-06? Or do they need the AUX connector in the arm rest? Or do all of them from that year come with an AUX in the armrest?

Luc Nieuwenhoven says:

My 2004 9-3 aero has the other radio unit (without Aux) , does this also work with my car?

Steven Corns says:

Does this let you use the steering wheel and radio controls to skip songs etc?

Scott C says:

I just installed this on my 06 9-3 Aero. It works beautifully. This video helped immensely after I couldn't find the instructions on the website.

I had an aux cord to Bluetooth receiver previously, but I hated powering it on every time I got in the car. This is automatic.

Only issue I had was my lower section is a cubby, not an ash tray. Used a flat head to pull a little tab away from the side to release the left, yanked on the right. Pulled out fine.

Ice says:

Does it work on a Saab 9-5 , 01?

Ilham Imaamuddin says:

Hi All, i have 2003 SAAB 9-3 SS with basic audio (no screen). i have replaced the radio tuner becuse it was damage due to CD Changer jammed and made the tuner over heat. I bought from ebay. I have tech2. I have tried to activated the Aux in hope i can add aux input to the head unit so no more CDs. But i did not succeed. I have also replaced (used) BCM without programming/coding. Because i do not have the GM account. Can it be the problem?

ismail asha says:

Is it work with the basic player “without screen”

mdcEVO8 says:

I got this device in the mail today thanks to your recommendation and this handy vid. Thank you!

I did have my AUX activated via Tech2, cost like 50 bucks.. I had run a wire into the armrest with a bluetooth receiver but it had to be recharged all the time and it didn't autoconnect so I'm looking forward to this better set up.
03 Vector

shathan123 says:

Do you still need to press the button on radio every time you get in the car to set the radio on aux? Would be nice if it just connected so you don’t have to hit buttons every time I start the car

Pedro Fonseca says:

Where I can buy that Bluetooth

Ibrahim Zellaya says:

Is there a way to make the AUX work too?

Samuel A. García Wilson says:

Does it work with the 2008 saab 93?

nela gordon says:

does it support audio controls via steering wheel?

Just First says:

So you have Bluetooth but no Aux now?

Charita R says:

Doesn’t demonstrate the Bluetooth working?.

Dasen Tilley says:

What size rims and tires do you have on your Saab?

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