Porsche Boxster 911 Remote Entry Key Transmitter Repair 986 996

Porsche Boxster 911 Remote Entry Key Transmitter Repair 986 996

We repair a remote wireless entry key transmitter by replacing switches. This applies to 97-2004 model year 911s and Boxsters with parts purchased at batee.com.

Bryan A. Thompson
batee.com Parts and Repair



bubba funny says:

My key broke will that make my car not start I have Porsche boxer

Hambone says:

Very nice! Thank you. Don’t need switches now but know where to go when I do.

Kevin Arburn says:

Just ordered two sets for my two fobs – 1999 Carrera – now to watch the video a few dozen more times so that I'll be ready when the kits arrive. πŸ™‚ Also need to find my soldering iron….and some solder braid…..

raphael medina mattar says:

Hi, I have a diferent problem, my key works sends signal, but since the car runned out of battery it didn't worked more for oppening and closing.

Autoumyvaren Bulldog says:

Hello , I can help with this issue ,I know learn again used key fob with PAS unit ,this is often problem I can do frequency 433Mhz and 315Mhz too,for more info contact me on smuko@brizzard.net. I will need PAS unit and don't work key .I can learn used and also new key fob.

wtduryea says:

My 996 spare key has no internal circuit board or battery holder. Are these
replaceable ? Thanks. Great video.

Kurt Folsom says:

This is a great product, save me a lot of cash. Thank you.

ikasika87662000 says:

my boxter s 2003 remote key is broken…. I should try this vidoe one… ambigous… I replaced battery but it didn't work

afbtstix says:

This kit really works !! Thank You ! saved me 155 dollars !

Erik Bielitzer says:

@M Vogelsang really? There was no battery in the key prior to repair and when buttons were tested only two of the switches were working…..silly rabbit.

Edgar Hernandez says:

Thank you for posting this very informative video!

dappergen says:

behind every boxter is a set of kankles

blin kelly says:

Just fixed my 2 key fobs. This is great saved a lot of money not having to buy a new key, have it cut and programed by the dealer. Thank you.

J Sw says:

I just successfully repaired my 986 key fob using this video and your kit. Both the instruction and the kit made the process very simple and easy to accomplish. Thanks for making this available — I think this is a common issue with these keys and restores very useful functionality to the Boxster!

M Vogelsang says:

@Andy Haros
Your key is not defect at all, read your Porsche manual, after 5 days of not using the keys central locking keys it will shut off due to power saving of the battery. This means that you havent opened your car for 5 days or more. The shut off process is completely normal. As soon as you open the car the "old fashion way" and put the key in the ignition and turn the ignition it will work again you will see. Normally if you drive every day you will never have this but as said completely normal. As soon as it stand for more then the 5 days it goes into power save mode. As decribed in the car manual πŸ˜‰

Andy Haros says:

I just finished watching your video and thank you for the easy to follow tutorial. I need to ask you a question to see if replacing the switches would fix my problem or if it is something else. I replaced the battery on the fob of my 2002 boxter twice. The first time the fob worked well for about a week and then stopped. I changed the battery again, but did not fix the problem. I noticed on your video that when finished, your fob's light was blinking rapidly the whole time you held the button. Mine blinks only once no matter how long i hold it. It is the same for all 3 switches. Blinks on, and immediately off. That's it. What do you think? Switches, circuit board, battery again? Thank you

Chris Pacilio says:

Hi Bryan. Two things. If they replacement of the buttons didn't work, what's next? Also do you have access to the battery holder? My 2nd key has a battery holder that broke off…Thanks

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