Porsche 911 Restoration | Hideous Dashboard Restoration Part 2

Porsche 911 Restoration | Hideous Dashboard Restoration Part 2

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About this vid: Watch Part I – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x19CyCxB5nw

In this Porsche Restoration video, I vinyl wrap my newly repaired dashboard. The Porsche 911 dashboard is made of metal, foam, and vinyl, so it’s a pretty easy DIY repair using regular hand tools.

See my first video on how I repaired this impossibly destroyed dashboard: https://youtu.be/x19CyCxB5nw

I’m not a concours guy…this car gets raced, tracked, autocrossed, targa rallied, and does mountain rips. So, it’s not PERFECT. But I’m really happy with the result, and it’s been great for the last year and a half. It’s not a Singer 911, but at the Rennsport Reunion…it was parked right next to one, and held it’s own. 🙂


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Hugh Chamberlain says:

Would you recommend covering the dash pad with vinyl wrap as used on auto bodies?
I'd like to cover my pad with carbon fiber vinyl wrap. What do you think?

warpspeed says:

Never heard of felt? You work on old dashboards to fill in and smoothen any cracks or missing material and you put some felt "paint" on them. Looks like velvet cloth. Used in all race cars.

John Hansen says:

Great video- don't be ashamed of the quality….you're doing great work!

Shane Pavonetti says:

Great work – I am about to tackle this myself. Would you mind telling me where you sourced the vinyl and what glue products you used? Thanks!

CRS says:

Good job! For future endeavors, I've found it easier (somewhat) to work the dash from one side to the other, rather than from front to back. It seems counter-intuitive, but it works better for me. You have less material to work at any given time and you run into fewer big areas to make corrections. Just a suggestion; you seemed to have it well in hand.

fg jf says:

You know you're from San Diego when six of your videos are about AC system

alber dellbruegge says:

thanks man!

charles mathes says:

Thanks for sharing the "How To", turned out very nice. Did you have to remove your windshield first? I'm considering doing mine in Flock.

Musclecarczar IG says:

Turned out really good!

B FPV says:

Excellent video, thanks for sharing. Great job on the dash.

Steve Vigus says:

Nice video, Michael. I forgot how nasty those old school dashes get in the hot California sun…

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