Peugeot 207 & 308 – How to remove complete mirror and refitting

Peugeot 207 & 308 – How to remove complete mirror and refitting

Peugeot 308 (2007-2013) – How to remove complete mirror and refitting
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Costica Berehoi says:

Salut. Mă poți ajuta cu un sfat. Cum a-și putea dezactiva închiderea automata a oglinzilor la un citroen c4 picasso, asta pentru sezonul rece. Mulțumesc.

Bahadır Atakan says:

how can i fold mirrors while iam driving ? i can only fod them , when iam outta car and lock the car , i want to fold them while driving , pls help .

Peter Ellis says:

I have bought two new folding mirrors for my 207cc, unfortunately nobody seems to have the right end plugs to fit the car, is there a part we have to buy in order to refit them?

rali95 says:

How do I fix the fold mechanism. My one seems to have collapsed and is dangling mid-air! Help! Thanks

Seadipper 21 says:

Hi Adrian. I watch your door Panel removal video then I removed the panel myself. Now I'm about to attempt to remove the wing Mirror.

RA AR says:

thanks, I just changed it on my 207cc, never thought I would do that fully on my own 🙂 cheers

Goran Crevar says:

Greath tutorial man. Do i have to remove all mirror because a have to change only a mirror cap. A try to take it off buy i can't do it its feel like have some bolts inside the mirror, have any ideas?

adry vidal says:

de asemenea vand mi-au spart masina mi-au distrus USB care la mine se afla in compartimentul de langa frana de mana . ai vre-un video despre cum se schimba usb la un peugeout 308? multmesc.

adry vidal says:

salut, super educational, iti multumesc. eu am un peugeot 308 verve la care am mici probleme. una dintre probleme ar fi sa schimb plasticul (de culoare rosie) de la oglinda din exterior deoarece sa spart cand alta masina venind din contrasens a lovit oglinda de oglinda mea. am nevoie de altceva afara de trusa cu accesorii + bineinteles un nou capac de plastic? mersi frumos.

Vitaliy Denisov says:

Спасибо друг!

MrTurazz says:

Thanks for guide XD

Renze Spaans says:

Hi Adrian! Nice video! I have to change my right side mirror (on 207), because it was broken. Why do I have to disconnect the mirror by removing te door panel? Why can't I just remove the mirror and put on the new one?

dodgy games says:

on the video when you take off the indicator cover on the wing mirror it just pops off i;m trying to take mine off and the sides have came away but it seems to be clipped at the bottom any ideas? on a 207

Belle Kaminski says:

My side mirrors stopped finding in and I don't know why? Any ideas?

Ion Botescu says:

poti sa-mi spui cum se schimba sacul cu cerina la peugeot 308?

David Silva says:

Hi Adrian! great videos! y need to replace the right mirror. Is it possible to dismount the white soundproof and isolating panel without breaking it? is it glued right? which kind of glue does it has?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards. David.

Andres Tissera says:

Hola chicos como puedo hacer para desarmar los espejos retrovisores de la puerta del 308 feline,por q me hacen muchos ruido cuando cierran.

ady adi says:

poti sa imi spui cum se schimba bateria de la telecomanda? (am un peugeot 508) multumesc anticipat!

ysdxzupr says:

Hi Adrian, thanks for the great video it is very helpful. one question though; do you have to remove door and disconnect the cable inside the door or can you skip this step?

anderson palacio says:

Hi Adrian! I have changed mu right side mirror, is very dificult to access to cable of temperature but i have already change thanks for your video. I have another cuestion. Today I see under capot floor dry oil but my oil level is full. Can you send my the same picture of your floor under capot? Is this oil in floor correct? Please check my picture with dry oil on floor (I am not sure that this is oil) : The red circle in picture is the plastic floor under the engine (I think I need to go to mechanic but in my parking floor I dont see oil and level of oil in car is very full)
Thank you brother for your help with me.

Danut Chelner says:

Iti multumesc pentru raspuns.poate nu am fost eu foarte m-am referit la comenzile care actioneaza stergatorul,luminile,cele din spatele volanului,ci nu la blocul optic(far).oricum iti multumesc.

Danut Chelner says:

Salut,Adrian.Poti face un video, cum se schimba un bloc de lumini la un citroen c4?nu am idee daca este la fel la 307,308.Multumesc frumos.

anderson palacio says:

¡¡thank you very much for you complete help and your video!! but my problem continue. My mirror is located in the Right side and there are the Temperature cable and cables and marks are diferents than the Left side of your video 🙁 thank you very much friend.

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