1970 Oldsmobile 455 Cylinder Head Installation

1970 Oldsmobile 455 Cylinder Head Installation

Installing a set of E heads on a 1970 Oldsmobile 455. When using oil restricted pushrods, the small hole typically faces the rocker, NOT the lifter, I misspeak in the video. It will not ruin your engine if you install them with the small hole facing the lifters, I have seen many run that way without problems. It is best practice to install the small hole facing the rockers.

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Scott Forslund says:

Where did you find your restrictive pushrods?

Scott Forslund says:

How much did you mill off your heads?did you have to get different length pushrods?

w41duvernay says:

Where did you get the Golden Rocket valve covers from ?

Mark Oreskovich says:

Is there extra olling holes in side of the block ? They have plugs now .?

Zachary Franco says:

Great music

Grease Monkey Garage says:

What is a torque sequence and how many pounds of torque do you use

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