Nissan 300ZX: How To Install A Catalytic Converter | Wheeler Dealers

Nissan 300ZX: How To Install A Catalytic Converter | Wheeler Dealers

Mike brings a 1991 Twin Turbo Nissan 300ZX into the workshop so Ant can install a catalytic converter to comply with California emission standards, which will make it easier to sell in the state.

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Peter Balla says:

If you watch it revers, then it's not that depressing 😀

Sam Vieira says:

The most painful episode yet.

DJ YZ says:

Mike always fails and wins at the same time that they don't factor in labor costs. This dude does 14 days of work for nothing.

Glen Maragon says:

WHAT is the point of Brewer??

Vince Styles says:

This is my favorite car.

Shiv135 says:

De cat, intake, tune, exhaust, now we talking. Stock life boring af

Patrick Salazar says:

Ant is just okay a lot of thw episodes with him are reworks, such as a tool off the brake caliper put back on then took it back off to change the whole strut and roter. He is just okay and can not hold a candle to edd china

The real Sharps says:

Like watching a sit com. Ed. All is forgiven. Just not believable that mr love tv did all the work. Plus Brewer wouldn’t have had a clue about obtaining all those bits.

Death TM says:

He's yelling at Mike without actually Yelling at Mike for this job XD

EdgyNumber1 says:

NOX is not an environmental issue. Its a public health issue.

Briwire says:

In the old days of carburettors, every car I had suffered from pinking. Tried everything to eradicate it. Only thing that worked was to retard the timing further than that specified.

Aniket Karvir says:


Marcus Robins says:

California is a absolute shit hole and worried about cow farts and loud exhausts. Meanwhile you can’t walk any street in their major cities without stepping on human shit or needles. God Bless America!

aLdERF says:

i would love to work with this guy!

Ezequiel Gueu says:

Sir I hope this will get o you. You are, for me, the greatest genius ever work on cars, I am mechanical inclined but never had the opportunity to study for it(money issues) but if I had an economic finance stability
situation I would work to you, for you, with you, for free, for pleasure!
I hope you keep making videos for many years to come!

Granturismomh says:

In Japan, This awesome sports car are also called Nissan Fairlady Z in Japan.

Shudda Fukkup says:

This is a joke. Why didn’t he just buy a stock one then? It’s not as if it would be hard to find, seeing as you are looking all over the States for one.

KangoKid Kidd says:

Wow so stay away from this car unless You have this guy as a friend

Pikka GTR says:

imagine doin all this work and then realize the EGR was defective and the valves stuck closed

nice engineering Datsun

Meister Productions says:

But why? Haha

Huncho Turtles says:

I wanna know how to get that 3rd brake like on that spoiler

aronyak1 says:

I drove my 300zed to the zed zed top concert were I saw a zedebra who escaped from the zedoo, after that, I went home to catch some zed's.

Ryan says:

Why did you waste your time ruining a car?.. You douche!

juan rojas says:

Somebody know the link the complete video can help me thanks

Z32 Nissan says:

Lol while I'm trying to delete my EGR system. Mike is putting it back.

lyzek01 says:

I love the attention to detail you do that goes unnoticed. Like the painting the valve covers.

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