I completed the repair on my mercury and it was exactly as expected. The repair is very simple if you have a few hours to commit to the job. The only tools needed for this were a 3/16 allen wrench, a 7/16 socket and crescent wrench, and a phillips head driver. The reeds I used were made by CCM and are quality fiberglass parts. Apparently the OEM stainless reeds are known for shattering and destroying outboards. If your motor is tough to start and idles poorly but runs good at WOT, check your reeds. Id like to thank C&O Marine for coming through in a clutch and Chris Carson Marine for the amazing products. Thanks for watching!





David Nee says:

You have the exact OB I have, but I am trying to confirm this. I just purchased it a few months back.
Can you check your OB right behind the throttle arm, toward the top, there should be the letters "CC" stamped where the two halves of the block come together.
Would be very much appreciated !!!

James Cole says:

Omg wish I had seen this before just give a go ahead to replace mine $1000

TD_Fishing says:

Do the late 90 early 2000 2+2 mercs have reed valves??

dave w says:

Did the broken off reed part fall out when you removed carbs and reed assembly ? or is it inside motor. did ya ever see it ?

Kyle Plouhar says:

Nice fix I hope I find mine

DWMJr says:

Question? So do older outboard have reeds. My boat is a 93 Bumblebee original motor.

Garry Mainer says:

Excellent…think I found my issue…you the man!

tuffdaddy1711 says:

I have a the same exact motor except 2000 model. I have the hard start, rough idle but I also deal feeling of lower power in hole shot when livewell is full and my speed is down. Just curious how fast your boat runs pre change and now?

James Berlo says:

I hope you gave me the answer, I have an 18' Sea – Doo with a Mercury 250, same exact symptoms. I only had it out 2 days and wont run.

Ziggy Zig says:

I got a 35 hp mercury 2 stroke. It looks like I. Have to tear the entire motor apart and split the cases just to get to these reeds.. Does that sound right? So pissed

gary allain says:

Great video. I have the same issue on my Merc 125 15 years old. Going to start with the carbs, never done, and if that doesnt work will do the reeds. Thanks

phill downes says:

well you found the reed was broken, and yes your right its a steel reed, then you got new reeds to fix it, then fitted them   WRONG, you should of delved down into the guts of that motor to try and find the missing part of the reed before it destroys the motor. the worst thing you can find is a broken steel reed, it means you need a complete teardown to find the broken part or if it going anywhere near the piston and wall or the big ends or small ends you could have a completely destroyed motor. those  broken metal parts dont just fall out the bottom, so if you cannot find them with the intake off then its a teardown….

Thomas W says:

I have a 2002 125elpto seems to be doing the same thing you mentioned really really hard to start lots of key turns and a few primer bulb pumps but bulb seems to stay fairly hard. After I get it started thing runs perfectly and it at wot for 15-20 minutes with no problems at all across the lake but if I stop and fish for 10 minutes usually takes 2 or 3 key turns again to start. We thinking probably the same problem? My idle doesn’t seek that bad once I get it started it seems to idle pretty smooth maybe a little low but rpm never jumps or drops. Help please!

Livin Dah’Dream says:

I have a 1989 200hp Mercury and some of the issues you are mentioning has helped me on my issues so appreciate the video.

Atlantis says:

I have a 2006 mercury 1.5 90hp
And it does the same but it shuts off .. no idea if this will help!

cutum says:

Nice repair!

sam shepherd says:

So glad did video and showed this! No scoical media but email is

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