Mercedes E-Class W211 Siren Replacement DIY (4K)

Mercedes E-Class W211 Siren Replacement DIY (4K)

In this video I show how to replace a faulty or broken alarm siren on the w211 e-class. If your Mercedes has a problem with flashing the lights randomly or making odd noises, you may need to replace the siren for the alarm system. Part number used is 2198203226.

W211 cars include 2003-2009 e-class e280, e300, e320, e350, e500, e550, e55, e63. Other Mercedes have this problem such as w219 cls s cl.



aledelic42 says:

Thanks for having all the same problems I do in my 2004

David Tseng says:

Great video!

CORZER0 says:

Nice work. It's information like this that keeps these things out of the shop and on the road!

E55 BæMG says:

I guess i have the siren (anti-theft) but I don't have the panic button on key… anyway to trigger it like you can do?

stroock6394 says:

is this the same device that makes the beep beep beep when you lock the car? is there a way to disable the lock and unlock beeps or just the siren as a whole? thanks

Ivan Grebenik says:

I love your DIY videos!!! Pls make more =)

Aaa Zzz says:

Pls more driving video :))

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