Mazda MX5 Front Chassis rail rust – Buyers guide and how to repair

Mazda MX5 Front Chassis rail rust – Buyers guide and how to repair

How to check the front chassis rails on Mk2 and Mk2.5 Mazda MX5s when buying, without the need to get the car on a ramp, and then how to repair using The MX5 Restorer repair panels

You can order the panels from our website via the following link

Overseas buyers can get them buy emailing me with your address etc at



Oliver Mason says:

Hiya I have that exact problem with my 2000 NB 1.6 mx5 and I'm just wondering if you would sell those templates due to it has all the fittings for the anti roll bar mounts and how much would it cost for the templates as it would save me such a head ach time and effort if I can buy them pre made many thanks ollie

Joe Day says:

Love the video and gives me hope that I can get my 2002 fixed. Do you happen to ship to the States?

David Hooker says:

Just out of interest, how much would a repair like this cost?

Chad b. says:

Looking at getting one in the next day or so I guess I need to go look at it again because I have not seen this.. it is a 01 with 42,000 and I'm in Georgia is that a very common problem down here in the south? Thanks for the info but now I'm freaked out 🙁

LonelyMonarchist1998 says:

The front chassis rail replacement set is "Out of Stock".. when will a re-stock happen? 🙁

Oscillate Intentions says:

Hey I emailed you and still haven’t gotten a response I want to buy those brackets

Jim Thyne says:

Brilliant video, pity about the really awful muzak!

Juan Rosado says:

I'll be placing an order soon! From New York, USA

Lauran Lint says:

Nice video. I’m having the same problem here. Are you selling those panels? Shipping to The Netherlands. Please let me know.

Rob Lightbody says:

Great video. Do you think your panels would perform the same as the originals in a crash situation? They seem like they could be stronger than the original metal, so might crumple differently?

tdmtam says:

Hope you don’t mind if I ask if this corrosion occurs on the MkIII MX5’s

tdmtam says:

Thanks for a great and informative video. Looking into buying a MX5 this has shown me where to look and how much work is involved to fix this issue, so I will be checking this.

Tom says:

How thick are those panels? Thanks for the great video! I think I'll be ordering a set soon 🙂

CJ Drives says:

I sent you an email. I’m in the states and I have a mx5 with almost the exact same problem.
How do I purchase your plates? I can do the labor.

mrmonk says:

how much did you charge to fix it?

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