How to Replace a Battery on 2015 Mazda 6. It Started Hard So I Replaced the Battery

How to Replace a Battery on 2015 Mazda 6. It Started Hard So I Replaced the Battery

My wife’s 2015 Mazda 6 had hard start problem when it was sitting in cold for longer periods.
Our car DOES NOT come with the i-ELOOP system and we could use standard battery. Definitely the battery couldn’t provide enough power in to start the car smoothly in cold weather.
I decided to replace the battery on the Mazda 6 and the car starts without any trouble every since. I was lucky to record this video before the Polar Vortex of 2019. In result the car started in the sub-zero temperatures we had for few days.
Any way, if you wonder how to replace battery in Mazda 6 – this video will show you how to do it – Enjoy

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Claudio David Muñoz Velasco says:

Excuse me, how you fix the i-stop system when you replacement the battery???

Fritz Arriate says:

I owned a mazda 6. The technician form mazda told me to reprogram the unit if the battery is replaced. Is the advice of the technician right?

美光伍 says:

That's it? No need to reprogram immo?

Patrick Stewart says:

That not the correct battery for i-Eloop. It should be a Q85. Sercch for the Mazda TSB E039/12….The Battery Part Number: PE1T185209U . Expect codes, short life and other problems if you don't install the Q85. Choose wisely !


Que amperes tiene la batería

Lupe Cruz says:

Great video!

Zappacosta says:

I noticed you didn't use a battery tender to prevent the rough shifting and stalling resulting from the re-learning the ECU must do after a complete battery loss.

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