Lotus Elise Chassis Bonding | Workshop Uncut | Car S.O.S.

Lotus Elise Chassis Bonding | Workshop Uncut | Car S.O.S.


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Take one cherished car that has seen better days, add an owner in need of a helping hand. Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw secretly whisk the wheels away to a well equipped workshop before surprising the unsuspecting owner with their newly restored classic.

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Pete .C says:

Lotus are one of the most and fairest and discriminative companies I've ever come across for NOT taking into account for people who have learning problems

Felix TheCat says:

Technically resin is not Glue

victorMD11 says:

0:57 The face that the fella in the background is making at the camera, priceless. XD

SuperMadpom says:

All very nice but you can't repair it. I ripped the front upper wishbone from the chassis of my Elise in an accident. They wrote the whole chassis off and re-built the car on a new chassis. Still have the car it's great but it makes you a much more cautious nervous driver knowing just how easily you could send the whole car to the scrap heap.

Dave Barron says:

Truly amazing tech nowadays with "glues", makes perfect sense though.

Chris Marshall says:

Didn't the woman and her dad die the same time , just before it went on air ! Sad, yet again, amazing work from the team , although the old fella doesn't look to good, bless him

valentin marinescu says:

Looking forward to the new season on Nat Geo.

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