Quick Fix of a Rusted Toilet Flange! @oatey #diy #plumbing #helpingothers

Quick Fix of a Rusted Toilet Flange! @oatey #diy #plumbing #helpingothers


@gunmetlx7917 says:

Do you happen to have the longer version of this video online also? Thanks!

@gunmetlx7917 says:

Thanks — do you need to slip the inside lip of the metal repair ring underneath the outside edge of the plastic hub (to support it from underneath) or does this simply go around it? I can't tell if the ring needs to support the pipe from below.

@plumberfromdownunder5118 says:

But why Them food grade kitchen gloves??? You are a plumber! You can afford some good gloves.. one drop of clear on your hand and that glove is melting into your skin!

@kenhopkin1556 says:

Wanted to see the bolts.

@George-yd7cx says:

It's about time someone does it right on here

@danmucklow431 says:

Needed and my experience. The wood around the toilet plange is non. Existent or rotten and you can't screw it down

@alexwildman5798 says:

With all due respect use a designated scraper for that wax ma man it killed me to see a flat head doing that job

@tenthdimension9836 says:

It's pronounced [kuh-nip-x] NOT [kuh-nee-pex]

@ozwalkerz says:

I was amazed that you folk use wax seals…. in Aus I've only ever seen reusable rubber seals. (Not a plumber though!)

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