Lincoln Navigator `98 blend door replace pt.2

Lincoln Navigator `98 blend door replace pt.2

Description: In this pt.2 I am reinstalling the blend door with a 2 pc. door from heatertreater. Which involves making some cuts through the plastic behind the glove box, and through the air box for access to the blend door. I did have a problem with the door not passing the auto centering test after the install. So when u hook up the battery or check codes with a scan tool the door cycles back and fourth, for verification of its function. If the door has any obstructions it will fail the test and freeze open. The codes have to be cleared, or unhook battery for a minute to clear it. Then diagnose the problem, repair and return to service. My doors problem was that it was stopping at the heater core portion to soon, so I had to bend the door in a vice away from the heater core to give the door more travel. That is working just fine, at least the last 8 x`s I activated the self test. And the door had a solid seal around the heater core opening, even after the adjustment.



André J. Heath says:

I have an 02 Navigator and I believe I have a bad actuator. When I turn the a/c or heat on, the door doesn't immediately open to allow air flow to the cabin. After about two minutes it opens and/or closes again briefly then opens up for good UNTIL I turn the truck off. When I start the truck and turn on the air, it goes through the same cycle. It's frustrating to have to wait 2-4 minutes to get cool or warm! What do you think it is?

Samir Lakhouiri says:

My Navigator leaks water inside the car on passenger side floor board. Motor blows but only cold air, no heat at all. I was thinking of replacing the heatercore as i am suspecting it to be leaking. Plz upload a video of replacing the heater core or if u can link me on how to replace it without taking the whole dashboard out. Maybe thru where the airbag is ? Thank you.

sun man says:

I like pulling the dash a lot better money…

Jackson Cruz says:

Thank you for the video. If my blend door actuator is fine…… Do I have to go through the mess of taking it out before I replace the door itself?

xavieer Reyes says:

i m.going to try it my self it looks kinfd of dificult but im going to try where can i get the parts???

Jesua Martin says:

Thank you bro!! I did by my self .

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