How to Replace a Front Caliper Lincoln Continental

How to Replace a Front Caliper Lincoln Continental

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This video goes over how to replace a front caliper on a 2000 Lincoln Continental.This is something that is universal and should apply to almost any vehicle on the road with disc brakes.The brake system in your vehicle is the most important safety feature. It’s important to understand how it works and how to maintain/prevent any issues before the vehicle becomes unsafe to drive. Calipers use hydraulic pressure supplied by the master cylinder to apply pressure to the brake caliper, which in turn squeezes your brake pads on the rotor to stop or slow your vehicle. This process is the same for the rear calipers as well. Signs of a caliper failing are if the vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied, squeaking or metallic noise coming from the wheel, the smell of something burning when you stop the vehicle, higher than normal heat when you put your hand by the rotor/wheel, uneven brake pad wear, clunking noise, leaking brake fluid by the tire, or the caliper totally seized and not allowing the wheel to even turn. Ways to bleed the brake system on the car are gravity bleed or pump and hold.

Tools needed:

Jack and Jackstands — —
Screw Driver — —
Hammer — —
Brake Caliper Press — —
Air Impact Gun — —
Socket Set — —
Hand Cleaner — —
Rubber Gloves — —
Shop Towels — —


Front Caliper — — No listing
Brake Cleaner — —
Brake Lubricant — —
Disc Brake Quiet — —

These are the tools we used or something that was similar. There are many manufacturers and various prices . It’s a good idea to buy the better tool with the best warranty and easiest exchange in case of tool failure.


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papa john david says:

Can you gently pinch off the brake line so that when you put the new caliper on, just release the vise grip the fluid will refill. Then go up top and pour more fluid in the resivour fill.

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