The Apple Carplay Headunit to get for the LEXUS IS 350/250/200 | 2005-2012

The Apple Carplay Headunit to get for the LEXUS IS 350/250/200 | 2005-2012

It’s on sale right now:

Their ebay store:

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It has both apple car play and android auto. It’s super quick and snappy and retains all the features previously had like backup camera, steering wheel, climate control. Not Only that it add a lot more functionality.

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@hafizasaeed8234 says:

what is it called when

@nathanielm77 says:

Was that the stock camera you were using?
How does the audio compare to factory head unit?

@humanerror7 says:

any recommendations for a 2008 es350?

@lerebele1 says:

Hi John , please I need some help. I get display from the cd but no sound.

@dongoggine says:

Is that headunit the same make as xtron, it looks exactly the same…. Just wondering.

@abdulamer7301 says:

Does the ac work mine isn’t

@edgaralvarado6461 says:

Hey I’ve installed it and I’m having so problems. First one is my audio cuts out like I’ll be listing to music then it’ll stop playing then comeback on. Second my VSC and ABS lights are on. Third my hazard lights don’t work and when I lock/unlock my air the blinkers don’t go off.

@gd6noob says:

Any latest update on this head unit? specifically looking for reviews on:
1) Lag, is it lagging after a year?
2) How is the audio sound? I saw reviews of other brands where the audio was subpar compared to the factory head unit.
3) Is it compatible with Android Auto and/or Carplay?

@GaroBarsemian says:

Would this work if you don’t have the nav screen from factory? Looks like the bottoms piece is the same

@watchere says:

these units dont work for the 2010+ nav units unfortunately

@allergik2broke says:

How many connections from the car are not used. I was confused having stuff left over from the car that comnnects to nothing

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