Lexus RX450H Windshield Chip Repair DIY

Lexus RX450H Windshield Chip Repair DIY

Sadly my wife got a rock chip in the windshield and so i attempted to fix it with a DIY kit from an autoparts store.
It did 90% of the job. there is only a small spot now.
its totally filled and has no crack now.

Link Below



MrMustangrick says:

Wow, nice work ! Look's excellent.

They Live says:

Hey bro random question…how aggressive are the shifts in your GSF in sport mode? My car only has 12k miles/1 owner but I’m not sure if the jerkiness of the shifts are for an aggressive feel or something is up with my trans/converter. Thanks!

Nonameisthename 1 says:

I was just saying the same thing last night at work, how I hate the winter and cold!!

Jesus R says:

Dude made me laugh so hard at 4:06.
Good stuff though bro


I’m gonna go watch Chris fix video now

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