HOW TO REPLACE YOUR WATER PUMP/TIMING BELT 2JZ LEXUS IS300 (detailed step by step tutorial)

HOW TO REPLACE YOUR WATER PUMP/TIMING BELT 2JZ LEXUS IS300 (detailed step by step tutorial)

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John Dunckelman says:

Thank you for being the first mechanic to show really good visuals and explanations of how to properly align those darn timing marks on the 2JZGE engine. Other guys make good videos of these same processes then completely miss the mark (pun intended) or have really bad close up video on how to line up those pesky timing marks. You done good son. Thanks. Now to go put mine together.

Ronaldo Zevách says:

How is the water pump not a critical engine component when you overheat and stall

J C says:

Great video man

Cooking with Cheeze Luis says:

"Detailed step by step"
"I forgot I already loosened the alternator & took the belts off"

213miguetx says:

Wow thanks man that’s help a lot on the timing belt

horacio zamudio says:

I did everything like this video but now my car doesn’t stay on only if I give it gas. Please help. New ecu maybe

vilase j says:

You did a great job man thank you

300ZedX Productions says:

How did you tighten the crankpulley bolt

Joseph Knight says:

Great video! I'm in the middle of it right now. At 12:21, your say to replace the orings, will you please let me know what size/where to find those? I put some #7 metric orings on that sleeve and it I can't get that dang thing on. Please help!!!

RS GAEL says:

Perfect DIY video. Nothing more or less. Very straight forward.

dtown tx says:

Can you please look me up on facebook messanger and call me so we can video chat my name is christa dickson

dtown tx says:

Thanks im doing mine tomorrow becuase my belt broke last night And watching your video helped im now more confident ill get it done !:)

Louie Tabullo says:

Good shit man! Plan on taking this on soon! Definitely using this video for guidance, just in case haha

zakkrick says:

Need to pay you to do my timing belt on my is300 too

Uriel Pinon says:

Also surprised you filmed so good with only one hand half the time !

Uriel Pinon says:

Great stuff!!!

Robert Greatsinger says:

First time on this one taking apart my niece's which is a hand down from my sister. My sister bought it used and was in one front clip, hood 'n quarter panel fender bender about 5 yrs ago . I hope after I do this learning as I go that it doesn't need the camshaft seals. I only got as far as the the bump method on the harmonic pulley. Then I took the belt off but started second-guessing keeping track of the position.

Diego Marquez says:

How are the kits from Orlieys auto or Autozone.? Do they hold out good.? Or recommend something more performance type

Jonathan Sandiford says:

Thanks for that vid bud! I'm about to do this job.

question about that pulley/bearing you replaced for the drive belt tensioner. Did you have to put thread locker on that pulley bolt? and what torque spec did you use on it.


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